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Expresso offers exhibitors a simple, intuitive and seamless way to order everything needed from exhibit products to labor services for all GES shows. This customizable platform allows exhibitors to have a personalized show experience with the show's logo and colors making it easily identifiable for them to manage multiple events. Expresso also prompts exhibitors so they don't miss out on ordering items at the best rates.

Competitive shipping quotes are available, as well as Freight notifications for marshaled shows, keeping the exhibitor on top of driver check in and unloading at show site.

Expresso partners with our Expresso Mobile App so exhibitors stay on top of show orders and stay connected with any service requests making the most of their experience before, during and after the show.

Key Features

  • 24/7 availability
  • User friendly interface that works with the Expresso Mobile App
  • Easy access to order history
  • Up to date downloadable show information
  • Single sign-on and password for all GES shows


  • Provides the latest products and services at the lowest rates
  • Keeps multiple shows organized
  • Gives instant accessibility to all orders and floor plans
  • Offers unlimited pre-order opportunity to eliminate visits to the show service desk
  • Provides up to the minute freight delivery and unload updates for marshaled shows

Expresso helps exhibitors plan and organize every aspect of their show at

The Most Comprehensive Event App in the Industry

Expresso is available as a mobile app.  No other app in the industry allows exhibitors to order on-site, retrieve order confirmation and invoices, or set up an account through the app even if they didn’t use the desktop version. These breakthrough features empower exhibitors to have a truly mobile show management experience.

Expresso was voted easiest-to-use over the competition in an independent research study because it was designed and is continuously updated based on feedback from exhibitors and show organizers. 

From online chat to email, social media, and phone conversations, our representatives are there to help. Your exhibitors also have a dedicated service executive at the event to help with any last minute requests.

For more efficient planning, exhibitors can view order history, download event dates and schedules, order last minute items and submit requests to their dedicated service executive in real-time.

Expresso is fully supported by our National Servicenter®, the first call center in our industry to be recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for outstanding customer service and has continued to be awarded every year since 2009.

EACs can identify themselves and place orders on behalf of the exhibitor, and they may submit the Intent to Hire an EAC form directly through Expresso. 

The mobile app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The Benefits of




The Expresso mobile app allows exhibitors to:

  • Access venue info, show dates and deadlines
  • View order history, order confirmations, and invoices
  • Receive freight updates as push notifications for marshaled shows
  • Order last minute furnishings such as standard furniture, carpet, accessories and product displays
  • Submit service requests, minimizing wait times at the show service desk
  • Connect immediately to a GES Exhibitor Service Executive

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