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Customer Intelligence for the EMEA

Through rich behavioural data​ and show performancemeasures, we give you the data and insight to truly understand your customers, to help you make informed decisions and maximise your sales and marketing machine.

The Organiser

Boost your rebooks and enhance your sales strategy with powerful insight from your show floor. From real-time attendance to dissecting feature areas and overall performance – we give you actionable data that tells a story and helps you grow.

Your Exhibitions

Successful exhibitors are key to growing your show. Our technology enables that success by providing insights to you and your exhibitor on exactly who visited a stand, when and what content they were interested in during their visit.

Your Visitors

Turn your visitors into advocates and encourage return visits by giving your visitors a more productive event. Our on-site NFC, QR and online matchmaking tools allow visitors to spend their time efficiently, making for a much happier show experience.

We’re here to help you put the work in and get the insights out

The data your event produces is only as good as what your exhibitors and visitors give you, and the key to good data is preparation. We’ll work with you in the planning stages of your event to maximise your data extraction - providing expert advice on signage, positioning, messaging and touchpoints for optimal effect.

By giving your visitors clear instructions on how your show works and making everything super simple, you’ll have all the data you need to prove success.


Powered by Visit 4, experience the latest in cutting edge SaaS registration technology.

Visitor Engagement

Never has the visitor experience been so personal. Empower your visitors to take control of their participation, actively engage with exhibitors and show features, and collect digital content with their Smart Badge or with QR code – making it even easier for visitors to collect content.

Exhibitor Lead Generator

Visit Connect is a complete lead capture and content management solution, offering exhibitors total control over their sales process and resulting success.

Visit Intelligence

Visit Intelligence provides real-time reporting on your Visitors’ and Exhibitors’ interactions and successes. Prepare to experience unparalleled insight into engagement levels at your events.


Powered by Jublia Engagement Hub, GES Event Intelligence connects physical and digital experiences completely seamlessly. Enhancing participant experiences and driving further engagement.

Visit Go!

Supporting the safe return of live events, Visit GO! Works in real-time with event access control to record Covid-19 Test or Vaccination status. Ensuring your attendees adhere to any local restrictions or protocols you choose to enforce.

Plug & Play Onsite Software

Our Visit EventBox is a plug & play solution, designed to deliver seamless, self-service welcome experiences. Including self-registration, manned customer service desks, Scan & Go collection, and real-time Access Control.


Our ‘Open API’ allows integrated systems to push or pull data directly from Visit. We also don’t limit the number of ‘live’ links you can build with our API. Further supporting you in making the most of your data in real-time.

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