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Show Ready

Maximum impact and none of the fuss

Our innovative range of modular exhibition stands are exactly that. They’re a quick, easy and cost effective alternative to space only exhibiting at trade shows and events.

A fuss-free way to bring your brand to life

It’s as easy as...

Choose a package

We’ve got a great range of stands to suit your exhibiting needs - from product demonstration to meeting zones.

Enhance your stand

With plenty of stand enhancements you’re sure to find all the extra pieces you need to customise your stand.

Upload your artwork

The final step is sending us your artwork, and if you need help, our in-house graphics team can amend or create it for you!*

*hourly charges apply.

All the essentials as standard

All of our exhibiting essentials are included with every one of our Show Ready packages.

  • Stand structure including full-colour tensioned, wall graphics
  • Health and safety planning, project management and venue liaison
  • Low-energy, high-output LED spotlights
  • Velour carpet with polythene protection during the build
  • Installation and dismantling
  • Additional electrical sockets and power supply, including testing

And, do your bit for the planet

There’s not a single part of a Show Ready exhibition stand that goes into a landfill. All the elements that make your stand are either reused or recycled after you’re done (and we make sure nothing harmful goes into the production of your stand for good measure).

The frame

The framework that supports our Show Ready walls are made from super lightweight aluminium, which cuts down the emissions during transportation. And when the day comes when the frame is no longer serviceable, it’ll be recycled.

The fabric

The walls themselves are made from tensioned fabric that we print your artwork on to. But don’t worry: they’re 100% PVC-free and totally recyclable once your event is over. We’ll even take care of recycling them for you.

The print

Solvents from the production and use of printer inks are one of the biggest killers of sea life if they find their way into the waterways. That’s why we only use solvent-free ink in our printers.

The lights

We only use low energy/high output LED spotlights on our Show Ready exhibition stands. Not only do they cut down on energy use, but the lights are long-life and plug-and-play – which means they’ll go on to illuminate other exhibition spaces for years to come before being recycled.

The flooring

We have carefully sourced our flooring and carpet options to make sure that they can be recycled after use. And to make sure any used floor coverings are recycled, we have a specialist partner that works with us and collects them after our events. All part of the service at no extra charge.

The furnishings and fittings

Any furniture and fittings hired from us go on to be reused by other exhibitors time and time again. At the end of their life: our TV’s are sent for recycling and our furniture is either repaired (using FSC-approved wood if it’s a timber piece), upcycled or recycled. Nothing goes to landfill.

The delivery

Being super lightweight, modular and featuring foldable graphics – this means the whole stand can fit inside a single flight case. We don’t need a big-rig truck to deliver all your stand pieces, just a Euro 5 (or better) rated small commercial vehicle that helps us keep our carbon footprint down as we progress towards net-zero by 2030.

Stand Packages


One open side


Two open sides


Two open sides


Two open sides


Two open sides


Three open sides


Three open sides


Three open sides


Three open sideS


Three open sides


Island stand


Island Stand

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