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What are exhibition floor coverings?

Exhibition floor coverings are temporary carpets or hard floors you can hire for your stand. Usually hired per square meter, carpets and floorings come in either rolls or tiles (you can find out more about styles in our brochure).


Why hire floor coverings?

Whether you have a shell scheme stand, or a space only area, adding the right floor covering can help you increase and manage footfall.

Floor coverings are also the perfect option if you want to make a more personal statement, instead of taking a standard floor as part of a package or venue flooring. If you couple floor coverings with a raised platform; you can hide ugly wires and pipework safely too.

What do you get from us?

Our service has been carefully crafted to make your exhibition easier. So what do you get in addition to great exhibition flooring?

  • Impartial advice on which floor covering type would best suit your needs.

  • Free delivery of your flooring direct to your stand.

  • Your chosen floor style laid, for free, by our expert exhibition fitters.

  • Priority support from our service team throughout the exhibition.


Ready to order your floor coverings?

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How can you use exhibition floor coverings?

A flooring type for every situation

Willow Cord, Harmony Velour and Shanghai Valour carpets are designed for every day exhibition use – they’ll look great even after thousands of feet have walked across them for a few days. Escolita carpet tiles are more hard-wearing and they’ll still look good after a prolonged period of traffic.

If you’re going to have heavy equipment, or need a floor that’s easy to clean and dry, safety slate flooring is a great choice. Safety slate is very hard wearing and is non-slip, plus it looks great because the vinyl surface is flecked with glass.

If your space is heavily design lead and needs a specific effect, there are other flooring options available. There’s woven matting to give you a rustic feel or silver vinyl for an industrial effect. Check out the full range in our brochure.

Design your own pattern

If you’re looking for a custom exhibition carpet or floor design; let us know and we can make it. Whether you want simple checker board squares, or a swirl effect cut into your stand’s carpet, all you need to do is submit your design to our customer service team and they’ll see it put into production for you. You’ll need either a “raised platform” or “floor flats” (explained below) to apply your design, our customer service team are more than happy to take care of all of that for you.

There’s also the option to have a custom made, printed graphic cut into your carpet too. It can be any size, shape, colour and pattern you like – all you need to do is let us know what you’d like and we can make it happen.


Apply custom flooring to a carpeted venue

Instead of us ripping up the venue’s flooring to lay down yours (and getting a big telling off!), we lay down a flat surface of plywood in your stand area and cover that with your chosen carpet style. Thus you get a lovely floor covering for your exhibition space, and the venue’s carpet is safely protected underneath.

Hiding sins with a raised platform

A raised stand platform is a must if you’re going to have wiring or pipework trailing across the floor of your stand. Everything is stored neatly and safely beneath your feet, meaning you can make the most of your space instead of arranging everything by power and access points.

A lot of exhibitors also use a raised platform to define their space and make visitors feel like they’re entering an exclusive zone. In addition to being able to add a floor covering of your choice, you can also add aluminium edging to your stand’s open sides to complete a very sophisticated look.

Whatever your reason for having a raised platform, don’t forget to add a ramp to make your stand more accessible to everyone at your exhibition.