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Kristy Hundt
Kristy Hundt
Marketing Manager | @Kristy_Hundt | LinkedIn

Kristy Hundt is the Corporate Events Marketing Manager. She creates and manages integrated marketing campaigns for the Corporate Events sales team. Kristy has over 15 years of marketing experience in various industries, including healthcare IT, pharmacy, automotive sales, and legal and professional services. When she is not spending time with her two children, she enjoys travelling the country and volunteering/raising funds for her favorite charitable organization.

  • Immerse Your Attendees With Intuitive Touchscreen Technology

    Immerse Your Attendees With Intuitive Touchscreen Technology

    Most event marketers or exhibitors understand the importance of engaging with their attendees. But what if you took the plural “attendees” and started using only the singular form “attendee”? Imagine the impact your event would have if you were able to put your focus squarely on each individual person. One thing is certain: you would have a captivated, loyal audience and the opportunity for a serious competitive edge.

    With the help of touchscreen and intuitive interface technology, like the solutions from MultiTaction®, it is getting much easier to give your attendees the individualized attention they deserve.

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