What we do

Our strategic marketing group can partner with you to find new ways to grow your event, increase attendance and deliver results. Whether you prefer we work as an extension of your in-house marketing department or you want us to create the marketing for you, we work with you every step of the way to identify your goals and create a plan to achieve them.

We’ll partner with you to set measurable objectives, and then create unique, compelling, integrated campaigns that begin working long before the event and continue to work long after, attracting attendees and exhibitors, and advancing relationships.

We deliver on your goals

A lot goes into a successful exhibit, many of which start long before the event happens. Together we can develop relevant, clear goals, followed by a strategic roadmap outlining the steps necessary to achieve them.

Our strategy and marketing team relies on the expertise of our analysts, creatives and marketers so you can do anything from tying the look of your exhibit with a marketing campaign to a complete brand reinvention that will wow your industry.


Looking for more engagement? We can improve and create new branding efforts and utilize technology to design interactive experiences.


Eager to differentiate? Grow your competitive edge by following our research studies and participating in our training and brainstorming workshops


We can help you understand your attendee and exhibitor needs and improve their experience by moderating focus groups, developing and fielding surveys, and gathering event analytics.


If you want to reach new attendees and create compelling campaigns, we’ll assist with audience segmentation, list acquisition, and data collection.

Ice Palace holiday experience retail

Our strategy and marketing team draws on the talent and expertise of marketing experts from a wide range of disciplines to create whatever your program requires.

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