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A better way for organizers to maximize, merchandise and manage sponsorship opportunities.

GES Sponsorship equips organizers with a custom website for merchandising and managing sponsorship opportunities. GES Sponsorship makes it easy for exhibitors to find opportunities through keyword search, featured sponsorships, category navigation or viewing sponsorship locations. Exhibitors can quickly submit a quote request to event organizers, providing their interest to the organizer and streamlining the buying process.

A sponsorship platform is essential for organizers who want to maximize their opportunities. Whether it’s through social media engagement or navigation, a GES sponsorship platform can help your event realize its potential.

With the help of out custom website system, you can connect to opportunities by category, keyword, or other filters. This helps ensure that your event is connecting with the best sponsors for your target audience and brand.

Why Use a Sponsorship Platform?

Using a GES Sponsorship platform will take your live event to the next level.

Here’s how:

Convenience. Our custom website streamlines the process of managing sponsorships and merchandising.

Transparency. Simply convey your interest to potential sponsors over our website, and they’ll respond with a quote.

Fast turnaround. We know that time is money. Our process makes finding and lining up sponsors easy, leaving you to focus on making your event a smash success.

Find sponsors, no matter where you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re sponsoring an event in a desert or an urban hotspot. Our network makes it easy to connect to opportunities – no matter where you are.

Work on your own schedule. Access sponsor information, day or night. We know you work around the clock – that’s why we do, too.


Leveraging Social Media

The nature of sponsorship has evolved in recent years, particularly because of social media. Using social media to engage your visitors has its unique set of challenges and opportunities. We help you connect with sponsors who deliver engaging content across different platforms and viewing times, so that your live event reaches as far as possible.

You put a lot of time, money, and energy into your live event. Don’t leave anything to chance. With the help of a GES Sponsorship Platform, you can find quality sponsors quickly and within your budget. We’re here to make your event a huge success – ask us how we can connect you to sponsorship opportunities anytime, anywhere.


Showcase your sponsorship opportunities no matter the location


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