Audio Visual Solutions For Your Event

You deserve the widest selection of audio, video, and lighting services with the highest-quality designs and installations.

From general sessions that “wow", to break out rooms that run smoothly, and everything in between, our team delivers digital services, audio visual technology, and the equipment that most effectively engages attendees at any event.

Our creative development of themes, messages, graphic designs, 3D designs, audio visual elements and multimedia are consistent and purposeful in delivering immersive environments.

We have access to the latest technology around the globe, which ensures your attendees will remember your event long after it’s over. Let us transform your event into an unforgettable experience for your audience.

See How Cadmium Works

• End-to-end solutions through one team for all of your digital and audio visual needs

• In-house technology services from concept, digital design and media production through content testing, equipment rental and event execution

• Cost savings by eliminating an outsourced AV markup

• The peace of mind and accountability that comes from working with a single partner for all of your event needs – from complete event services, to logistics, installation and design 

One-of-a-Kind Content Management Solution

GES and Cadmium CD have teamed up to create an exclusive Content Management Solution that helps you organize, display and promote content for your event. The combination of Cadmium's award-winning conference technology with GES' AV network and equipment allows your speakers to make on-site changes, and keeps your attendees informed and engaged.

Gather and Display Content

GES and Cadmium’s systems work together to optimize the system’s efficiency

  • Gather content - Cadmium CD organizes all of the pre-conference information using Conference Harvester®, allowing you to quickly and efficiently build the speaker line-up
  • Display content – GES sets up a network at your conference, which puts the right presentation in the right room at the right time. You and your speakers use the network to make real-time changes, on- or off-site, to presentations from any computer. All changes made are automatically synced throughout the network

Promote Content

  • Digital signs and displays throughout the conference are instantly updated when any changes are made
  • Record your sessions with audio sync options for download on your site  
  • Display QR codes of the actual presentation
  • Signs are updated instantly for session room changes, wayfinding, and sponsorships

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