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Our innovation at GES is focused on making complex tasks simple by automating event execution and measuring attendee success. Driven with the understanding of our client’s needs, our technology offerings are continually evolving.

Our platforms include:

  • Event management tools
  • Online ordering capabilities
  • Event accommodation applications
  • Sponsorship management tools
  • Content management systems
  • Live event tracking and reporting capabilities
  • Registration

GES Technology Services

GES Applications

GES Project Central
Show planning and management platform

Users: Organizers

GES Project Central is the only event management platform that empowers you to manage every element of an event – before, during and after the show – all from one centralized platform. From file collaboration and digital proofbooks to integration with accomodations, social, additional vendors, to a drag-and-drop task manager, GES Project Central is the most robust software platform developed exclusively for show organizers.

GES Expresso 
Online ordering tool and informational portal

Users: Exhibitors, Organizers

Expresso offers exhibitors a simple, intuitive and seamless way to order everything needed from exhibit products to labor services. Easily upload files and request logistic shipping quotes. In addition, it provides rules and regulations, important dates and order histories at the click of a button. This customizable platform allows exhibitors to have a personalized show experience.

GES ExpressoPro
Online ordering system for corporate events

Users: Corporate events

ExpressoPro is an online ordering system for portables, literature and pre-configured exhibits. Whether you have a small team and a couple events, or a large team with a couple thousand events, ExpressoPro allows you to consolidate and organize your event assets so team members can easily order and ship to a desired location.

GES Sponsorship Platform
Sponsorship merchandising and management

Users: Exhibitors, Organizers

GES Sponsorship equips organizers with a custom website for merchandising and managing sponsorship opportunities. GES Sponsorship makes it easy for exhibitors to find opportunities through keyword search, featured sponsorships, category navigation or browsing locations on event floor plans. Exhibitors can quickly submit a quote request to event organizers, providing their interest to the organizer and streamlining the buying process.

GES ethnoMetrics 
Attendee performance measurement system

Users: Exhibitors, Organizers, Corporate Events

ethnoMetrics℠ is a measurement system that uses video and smartphone technology to study attendee behavior at your event. Whether you are looking to make changes to your floor plan, scheduling of the show or specific sessions, or improve other attendee engagement areas, we can provide you with quantifiable data and insights to make sound decisions. Our team works with you to understand your needs and selects the best technology to gather data to support your goals.

GES Trace 
Inventory management


GES Trace℠ is the most comprehensive inventory management system in the industry, which allows our network to manage your exhibit inventories, products, literature/brochures, giveaways, graphics, and more. The barcode tracking system lets our team keep a close eye on every piece of inventory in your exhibit program. In addition to mapping out the shipping among our global locations, the system will notify us of any discrepancies in scheduling, tracks usage and condition, and even accounts for the timely disposal of inactive properties. 

Visit by GES
Registration, data services and real-time analysis

Users: Exhibitors, Organizers

Visit by GES is our Smart Exhibition technology takes digital tools and applies them to the exhibition floor.

For many years, we have offered measurement and lead generation tools to organisers and their exhibitors, now, we are first to market with the tools to enable organisers to empower their visitors to take control of their experience at an event.

Content Management by Cadmium
Organize, display and promote speaker content seamlessly

Users: Exhibitors, Organizers, Corporate Events

Management Services Powered by CadmiumCD is an exclusive Content Management Solution that organizes, displays and promotes content for your event. The combination of Cadmium's award-winning conference technology with GES' AV network and equipment allows your speakers to make on-site changes to their content, and keeps your attendees informed and engaged. 

Compass by onPeak
Event accommodations and management platform

Users: Exhibitors, Organizers, Corporate Events

Compass is an intuitive onPeak event accommodations platform that shows hotel rates and options for the event without having to select exact dates. This allows users to see all of their options, providing a top-tier user experience. It provides real-time reporting metrics for organizers, and integrates seamlessly with vendor partners’ tools and services.

Compass Dashboard is a powerful, easy to use onPeak event accommodations interface that lets organizers decide which housing data to view, interact with and customize in just a few clicks. A library of dynamic “stickies” helps you collect relevant stats to gain better insights, understand the block’s performance and access the most popular reports, increasing collaboration and enhancing the customer’s experience.

Poken by GES
Engagement and lead generation platform


Poken is an event platform that provides richer engagement, increased exhibitor ROI, and insights into visitor behaviour. Comprised of a digital suite, mobile apps and NFC+ products, Poken brings to together the physical and digital event spaces, to deliver engaging experiences, increase connections between visitors and exhibitors, and capture behaviour driven data.


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