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Don’t activate another event without measurement

Marketing leaders across the industry are scrutinizing their budgets now more than ever. To justify event spend and convey business value, live event marketers are embracing quantitative measures of success.

GES Measurement & Insight offers comprehensive data collection, analysis and reporting capabilities. Our methodology is based on key metrics that tie to business outcomes, with reporting that includes insights and actionable recommendations, rather than just data.


GES Measurement & Insight provides valuable insights based on event data, a scoring system to compare against industry benchmarks and recommendations to improve performance over time.

Standardized Methodology

GES Measurement & Insight is a proprietary, standardized methodology that analyzes four key marketing metrics that directly tie to business outcomes. Our approach uses best-practice data collection tools and clear, insightful reports that include a scoring system to compare results against industry benchmarks and actionable recommendations to enhance performance over time.

Actionable Insight

When you go with a pure-play survey company, you get a mass data-dump report that your team has to analyze to pinpoint areas that need improvement. With GES Measurement & Insight, you get credible data with simple, actionable reporting. We provide a custom report including insightful recommendations on how to improve your event, and an executive summary to share with key stakeholders.

Demonstrate Business Value

Dispelling the myth that events should be measured solely based on ROI, or that it is even possible to fully understand how events contribute to sales. GES Measurement & Insight gives you the information you need to understand and demonstrate the value of your event, activation or exhibit. Event reporting draws comparisons against industry benchmarks and provides you with an executive summary that includes dashboards, which you can share with your key stakeholders.


Measurement Know-how + Event Expertise

With more than 4,000 successfully planned and executed events a year, GES is a leading global live event partner. For decades, the GES Event Strategy team has been a trusted consultant to some of the most impactful event marketing experiences in the world. Our strategic marketing group can partner with you to find new ways to grow your event, increase attendance and deliver results.

Valuable metrics across four key areas


Measure and understand the value of your event through a standardized methodology that analyzes these four key marketing metrics:

Anticipated Pipeline Impact

Measures anticipated buying behavior caused by the event and projects potential revenue.

Brand Impact

Evaluates event/exhibit impact on brand perceptions across an array of brand dimensions.

Customer Retention

Anticipated customer retention, and likelihood that customers will recommend the brand or product / service to others.

Quality of Experience

Assesses the impact of event/exhibit attributes that reflect a meaningful and valuable experience for guests.


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