We increase the value, efficiency and impact of live events

GES Strategy leverages comprehensive data, industry and human insights, and decades of event marketing experience to provide consultative guidance for your program. We empower clients with clear, actionable strategies to drive event marketing decisions, to steer clear of problems and pitfalls, and to optimize the performance of current and future event marketing initiatives.

Program Optimization

Program Optimization

GES Optimizes Your Event Marketing

A clear strategy and executable plan is essential to a successful event or exhibit program. From portfolio planning to deep dives in audience and sponsor research, to pricing and positioning, we provide insights and guidance to help with the entire process, start to finish.

Experience Design

Insight-Driven Ideas and Design

GES Strategy leverages brand, business and attendee research to inform the development of attendee experiences. Our strategic insights inspire breakthrough creative approaches that touch the hearts and minds of your target audiences.

Experience Strategies

Sponsorship Strategy & Sales

Increase Revenue and Improve Efficiencies

We are in the business of helping drive revenue and offset the costs of event marketing programs through sponsorship optimization. From smart selling and pricing strategies to highly efficient processes and persuasive marketing materials, we set you up to succeed. And, we can manage all aspects of your sponsor/exhibitor program, including sales, operations/logistics and invoicing.

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Measurement & Insight

Connecting Event Performance to Business Outcomes

We believe that every event, regardless of size or type, must be measured. The measurement practice offers comprehensive data collection, analysis and reporting capabilities.

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Data Intelligence

Leveraging Data to Drive Impactful Strategies

Events produce a great deal of data, and sorting it all out to get to actionable insight can be a real challenge. Our team compiles multiple data sets of information into one platform, extracts key insights and combines the analysis with decades of event marketing expertise to inform smart, actionable strategic recommendations.


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