Learn About the General Guidelines

All connections to the ceiling or supporting structure must be made by GES.

No rigging is permitted from the air-wall tracks.

A plot plan showing all rigging requirements and detailing the weights to be supported must be submitted 14 days prior to your event. GES will review your plan in order to determine its feasibility with respect to load limits and permanent point location.

All rigging modifications to the plot plan must be approved in advance by GES. The cost of any changes to an installation necessitated as a result of not having these changes approved in advance will be responsibility of the client.

Equipment that has already been “flown” can only be moved by GES.

All signs, banners, and decorations must be hung by GES.  This includes all ballrooms and foyers as well as all outdoor locations on Hotel property.

Any equipment to be added to a hung rig must be installed by GES.

Climbing on equipment once the equipment has been “flown” is prohibited.

The load limit for permanent points in the ballroom is 750lbs per point, distributed evenly.

All equipment and materials flown must pass ANSI and ESTA standard guidelines.

All truss used must be manufactured by accredited manufacturer who can provide engineered drawings of the truss upon request. GES reserves the right to deem equipment unsuitable for hanging if engineered drawings cannot be provided upon request.

Any articulating/dynamic (moving) show or performance element must have an arrester device.

A scale will be used to establish that the actual weight of the equipment agrees with the estimated weights submitted. GES will also use load cells to verify the total weight of a rig.

A steel “safety” is required for each individual item suspended from the ceiling, as well as any truss or supporting structure.

All electric cables and connections must be UL rated for amperage capacity required for safe operation and must conform to local codes.

All material used must be non-flammable and must conform to local fire codes.

Scissors lift rental is required for all rigging calls at the hotel. Scissor lifts are also available for rental for focusing of instruments after the install of the rig is complete.

GES will not “dead hang” items over 100 lbs or over 10’ in length with scissors lift. Chain hoists or crank towers must be used.

Credit will not be given to services installed and not used.