Download this Mobile-First Event Guide to help you plan your next event

With the recognition that our mobile and physical lives can no longer be separated. QuickMobile and GES set out to take a different look at event planning. We asked ourselves:

"What if we were to design events the same way an app developer approaches mobile development?"

This led us to experiment with “mobile experience first” event thinking...and it opened a whole slew of interesting ideas and potential innovations. We believe it is time for our industry to put mobile experience planning at the forefront.

Get Into a Mobile-First Mindset 

1. Use your mobile device, a lot. If you aren’t savvy about apps, now is the time to start. Discover and learn from what works well.

2. Strip away thinking about the physical experience and start by asking: what does our audience really want and need regardless of a physical vs. digital format?

3. Brainstorm on how a digital, mobile experience can deliver on audience needs/wants where the physical event cannot. How does it add to the event?

4. Take your mobile/digital ideas and consider what physical event experiences can make them better

5. Voila! You’ve put mobile first

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