It’s official! All Major Worldwide Event Cities are Open for Events

It’s been a journey with lots of difficulties, detours, and diversions to bring back live events. As an industry, we have overcome the obstacles, and we are pleased to share with you that our last city, Johannesburg, has turned Green!

GES launched its Interactive Global Event Tracker back on January 25, 2021, and it’s taken approximately 11 months to get all major exhibition and event cities on the tracker map turned Green. Our Interactive Global Event Tracker focused on reporting where events occurred versus where they may were scheduled but not confirmed. The Interactive Global Event Tracker provided a valuable tool to demonstrate the live events that are actually happening.

We’ve witnessed some trends regarding how the cities came back online. Historically, when professional sports started to bring back fans to a particular city, other live events and exhibitions closely followed. We also saw a trend across the world that the top four types of exhibitions that consistently returned first globally were religious events, cannabis shows, tattoo shows, and home school conferences.

As variants come and go, vaccinations improve, and attendee concerns are overcome, we may continue to have a bumpy road along the way. But for one thing, we as an industry have bonded together and brought live events back!

If you want to keep up with travel restrictions surrounding the return of live events, here’s a great resource that Sherpa+ offers: