Dazzling Holiday Lighting Installation

During the holiday season, nothing is more magical than a brilliant holiday light display. Our GES Events team will make your business, zoo, park, etc. more festive and more eye-catching, to attract and enchant visitors.

Los Angeles Zoo Lights

L.A. Zoo Lights --- Bigger, Brighter, Brilliant

The Los Angeles Zoo envisioned a breathtaking holiday light extravaganza in 2017 and GES Events delivered an experience that is sure to become a time-honored tradition.

GES Events collaborated with The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA) to utilize new and existing assets to immerse visitors in a spectacular light display unique to the city. The experience included three new installations on the Zoo Lights route: a festive tree Holiday Welcome, the Santa North Pole photo area, and the Wild Wonderlands Finale.

Along with designing new attractions for the show, GES Events reimagined displays that brought a new and unexpected experience to both first time visitors and longtime fans of LA Zoo Lights.

The Los Angeles Zoo, with GES Events' help, crafted a modern, exciting take on the traditional holiday light show. The remarkable display was one of the hottest holiday tickets in L.A., with many sold-out nights. Families, couples, and friends alike flocked to the zoo to marvel at the lights, take and post selfies, and experience the wonder of the 2017 LA Zoo Lights Program.


Experiential and Holiday Light Installations

GES Events designs a variety of venue lighting installations, creating magical holiday experiences and immersive lighting displays that bring your brand's message to your guests.

Botanical Gardens
Presidential Libraries
Civic centers
Downtown Areas
Retail Exterior and Interior Spaces


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