Experiential Marketing and Venue Activations

As the people spend more and more time tied to their devices, delivering effective physical experiences is becoming a must for any brand. Experience marketing makes connections and forms direct relationships with customers and prospects. Give your audiences something to talk about, all while enabling the opportunity to meaningfully interact with your brand.

At GES, we believe that your audiences are more than just passive receivers of messages and content. That’s why we actively involve them in the development of your brand experiences. By inviting audiences to co-create programs, your audiences become more invested in the results. Here’s how we do it.

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Interactive Executive Briefing Centers

It’s one thing to tell your guests about the history, mission, and values of your company. It’s another to feel it. Using experience marketing techniques, we take your guests on a journey that immerses and engrosses while it educates and informs. We combine the latest technology and industry best practices to create experiences that are as interactive as they are instructive. With the help of GES, you’ll do more than just tell the world what you have to offer – you’ll allow every participant to be a part of it. 

Executive Briefing Center
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Museum Installations

A museum installation deserves to be as beautiful as every artifact it houses. From immersive backdrops for your breathtaking works of art to comfy lounge and reception areas, you can count of GES to craft multi-sensory experiences for your guests. We’ll use your guiding philosophies and unique tenets to tell them stories they’ll never forget. 

Your experience marketing campaign begins with GES. Let us help you develop impactful relationships for your brand. The impression you leave will last a lifetime. Just ask us how experiential and immersive marketing experiences can help take your business to the next level. 

Branded Lighting Experiences

During the holiday season, nothing is more magical than a brilliant holiday light display. Our GES Events team will make your business, zoo, park, etc. more festive and more eye-catching, to attract and enchant visitors. Learn More About Lighting Experiences.

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