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To be successful, all corporate events - including sales conferences, customer meetings, awards shows and product launches - need to make an emotional connection, whether with employees, clients or prospects. That connection only comes with careful consideration of the event concept, design flow, venue and attendee journey.

Coca Cola Corporate Event

"In the world of live events, there is no 'take two'. The GES Events Group gets it right the first time."

- Daniel Hilbert, SVP GES Events



We design and produce some of the world's most impactful customer and prospect conferences - measurably driving brand affinity, sales pipeline and customer retention.

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Media Events and Road Shows

We love finding creative ways to generate excitement and promote a brand—like floating reporters 100 feet above the city with 68 helium balloons for the movie: Up. We develop the creative ideas to generate as much awareness as possible, and ensure all the logistical details of your tour’s itinerary are tight, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.


Employee Events

Inspiring, educating and motivating employee events are the heart and soul of internal brand advocacy.


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