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Global Experience Specialists, Inc. (the “Company”) has partnered with third-party vendors to provide technology to collect and/or store data for the Company’s time tracking system. An employee will not be required to use the time tracking system described in this Policy, but will be given the option to use the technology after having reviewed this Policy and having signed a written consent form.


To “log” into the time tracking system described in this Policy, an employee will place a finger to a time clock device. This time clock technology collects and stores a mathematical representation of particular data about portions of the fingertip and may collect or store images of fingers or fingerprints. This data, in conjunction with an assigned identification number, is used for the purpose of authenticating and tracking the time worked by employees at the Company’s business locations and used to provide the necessary input to develop weekly payroll.


The Company has carefully selected vendors/software providers, including the business partners who provide the Company’s technology, who share the Company’s commitment to protecting confidential and sensitive information. Finger-scan and biometric data from the time clock system may be shared with those vendors/software providers/business partners and with the Company’s parent (Viad Corp) and affiliated companies, but any data obtained through the time clock technology will otherwise not be disclosed or disseminated other than as outlined in this Policy without the employee’s consent unless required by any local, state, or federal law, municipal ordinance, valid warrant, or valid subpoena. Furthermore, the Company, Viad Corp., other affiliates, and the vendors/software providers/business partners will not sell, lease, trade, or otherwise profit from an employee’s data or biometric data. 


All finger-scan or biometric data from the time clock system will be protected from disclosure using a reasonable and appropriate standard of care recognized within the industry and to the same degree as the Company’s confidential and sensitive information.  


Any employee data collected and that is described in this Policy will be retained until the termination of active employment with the Company or upon any 3-year period of inactive employment status. At that time, the Company will take steps through its time clock system and/or through its vendor(s)/software provider(s)/business partner(s) to permanently destroy such data.

This policy is intended to comply with all federal, state, and local laws.  


If you have questions about this Policy, including -- how the time clock technology works, how the time clock is used, or how the time clock system interfaces with the payroll process, contact payroll@ges.com. A copy of this Policy will be made publicly available at https://www.ges.com/legal/privacy-policy.

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