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What are shell scheme fittings?

Shell scheme fittings and fixtures are additional items that attach directly onto your stand’s walls. They are specifically made to be clipped on to, and used with, exhibition stands – you can add anything from a hanging rail for displaying clothes, to a walled room for storage or meetings. Displayed shell scheme fitting and fixture rental prices are usually for the duration of your exhibition.

Why hire shell scheme fittings?

Shell scheme fittings and fixtures add function to your stand. They can create talking points and manage the flow of visitors around your stand, they also give you space to work more efficiently and use your stand to its full potential.

Most exhibitors use shell scheme fittings to create displays. Hanging rails, shelves and slat walls – like the kind you find in any good department store – are by far the most popular choices. Other uses of shell scheme fittings are to create walled off areas like meeting, cloak, storage or changing rooms – some exhibitors have even created utility rooms complete with running water sinks which are perfect for keeping the coffee machine topped up.


What do you get from us?

Other than great fittings and fixtures, you can expect:

  • Impartial advice on what fittings would best suit your needs.

  • Free delivery direct to your stand.

  • Complimentary break-down and removal after the show.

  • Priority support from our service team throughout the exhibition.


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What can you do with shell scheme fittings?

A colour of your choice

A little known fact about our shell scheme fittings is that some of them, like shelves for example, can be coated in a coloured vinyl of your choice. All of our fittings come in white as standard, so if you want to create something special with a touch of personalisation, just ask us about your options.

xfw-shell scheme fittings

Make it harder for the bad guys

Some high value shows have, in the past, fallen victim to thefts after the doors have closed to the public. You can use night sheets to wrap around your stand to act as a deterrent, similar to how you can plastic wrap your suitcase at the airport to deter sticky fingered thieves. It’s not an active security system, but it gives would-be criminals a harder time getting into your exhibition stand.

Curtains, doors and the kitchen sink

Many exhibitors need to partition their space and create walled off areas. Some like to create lockable storage cupboards to keep extra marketing materials in or coats, others install a curtain to make a changing room for visitors to try on goods. You can even build an area to conceal a kitchen sink (which you can also hire from us) or make a meeting room to hold private meetings.

ghr Shelves rails and walls

Shelves, rails and display walling

Your stand walls are as much of a usable space as your floor area. Sloped shelves are perfect for displaying brochures, literature or even shoes and work boots. Your standard flat shelf comes in straight lengths or “L” shapes for corner displays. If you have items to hang try installing a garment rail or display wall.

Form follows function

Plan your stand fittings before you design and place your graphics. Your stand has a job to do for you, so make sure it does that first and then create graphics to compliment your space. Many exhibitors have fallen foul of creating a beautiful graphics display just to cover it up later in the process because they didn’t plan how their stand was going to meet their objectives.