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What are exhibition electrical services?

Exhibition electrical services includes the hiring of fixtures and fittings (like sockets and lights) for the duration of your exhibition, the installation of your chosen fittings, and the rental of a live electricity supply based on the amount of power you need.

Exhibition electrics can be a minefield for new and experienced exhibitors alike, so download our guide and convert knowledge into power!

Why hire exhibition electrical services?

Some exhibition and event venues are rich in natural light, but often that’s not quite enough to make the right impact, or there’s very little natural light in the venue at all. This is why most exhibitors choose to hire lighting for their stand. A well placed light fitting can highlight a particular graphic you’re proud of, or bathe your stand in an even glow.

If you’re looking to power up appliances on your stand, you’ll need to hire sockets. Whether you’re powering a laptop with a domestic plug, or heavy machinery with a CEE Form plug, you’ll find sockets and supplies to power them all. Generally speaking there are no mains plugs to connect directly into in an exhibition hall, so you would need to have some professionally installed and tested with the correct supply.


What do you get from us?

Our electrical services are designed to be as easy and cost effective as possible. So, what can you expect?

  • Expert advice on what fittings and supplies you’ll need.

  • Quick and easy ordering through our online ordering system

  • Technical support engineers on call at your venue.

  • All supplies and fixtures are tested to meet exhibition standards and for your safety.

  • Wide variety of lighting, including fluorescent and LED, to create the perfect setting.


Ready to order your electrical services?

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What to know about exhibition electrical services

How much power should you order?

At an exhibition you could find anything from TV screens to industrial equipment, so it doesn’t make sense to charge everyone a flat rate to access power if some exhibitors are using more than others. Instead, you hire a socket with a supply based on the items you plan on powering - thus you only pay for what you need.

Everything you need to know about ordering the right services, and tips from our exhibition experts, can be found by downloading our free Electrical Service Myth-buster.


Place your sockets exactly where you want them

You can plan your stand layout to the smallest detail, even down to exactly where you want your plug sockets. There’s no need to cover some of your beautifully made graphics with a TV screen just because that’s where the plug socket is. All you need to do is send us a diagram showing the orientation of your stand and the position of your plug sockets.

Don’t forget your audio visual equipment

If you need an edge while presenting - and don’t want to invest time, effort and money into special equipment – try hiring from our audio visual team. They’ll be able to supply you with anything you might need from large plasma screens to projectors and microphones. Or, if you’re unsure what you think would work best within your stand space, get in touch and use their experience to pick the right equipment for you.


Need something special?

Try some specialist lighting.

How you use lighting within your space can have a massive impact on your visitors. You’re not limited to just having a couple of spotlights or an overhead fluorescent - why not try adding some coloured LED strips to direct footfall around your stand or draw attention to a particular graphic or product?

Of course, if you’d like to go bigger, there’s the option to install projectors to beam your logo and marketing message onto your stand wall, light up message board displays, or even create mood lighting for atmospheric impact. If you’d like to learn more about your options, or if you already have something in mind, get in touch.