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What is exhibition audio visual hire?

There are, generally speaking, two sides to exhibition audio visual. On one side you have the rental of equipment - TV’s, laptops, projectors, smart tech, microphones etc. - for the duration of your exhibition. On the other side you have what’s called “event production services”. This includes everything you might need to make the most of your equipment. For example; you might have a coloured light display choreographed.

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Why hire exhibition audio visual?

Hiring technology, instead of bringing your own, is a popular choice among exhibitors. One of the main reasons is gliding past all the strict exhibition regulations. If you hire your equipment, everything will arrive PAT tested and ready to go – if you bring your own, and don’t have a valid PAT certificate, you could be in for a long wait before you can get started.

You don’t need to have worked in an electrical store, or have a bottomless budget, to get powered up either. Any decent exhibition audio visual supplier (like us) will give you all the support and pre-show advice you need. So if you start sweating at the idea of connecting a VGA cable into a HDMI slot, or wincing at the price of a new plasma screen from a high street store, hiring a team to help is worth its weight in gold.

What do you get from us?

Any time technical support, advice and call out from our on-site exhibition team.

Free delivery, installation and collection of your equipment.

The latest tech as it’s released. Including LED screens, touchscreens, laptops, Apple products, PA systems and microphones.


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Note your power requirements

Whether you choose to hire a few iPads, or a 70 inch plasma, remember to make a note of how much power each item will use (usually in Watts). Your audio visual supplier will easily be able to give you all the stats and, when you come to ordering your power supply, the process will be much smoother.

Hiring a TV for
your stand

There are a few facts you’ll need to gather to get everything up and running. The best place to start is with your stand builder, they’ll be able to advise you on where to position a TV and what you’ll need to mount and power it.

Next on your list is finding a screen that will do what you need. Your stand contractor will be able to point you in the direction of a quality, approved supplier (like us). Let the experts guide you through the process of finding the right display for your objectives and stand type.

Keep the support number handy

In the very rare event of running into problems with your equipment, it’s worth keeping your audio visual contractors’ details close at hand to iron out any last minute glitches. Obviously, if you use us, there won’t be any issues – but it’s always worth being safe than sorry.