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Exhibition stand build

Can I change the text on my name board?
Some organisers stipulate that the name boards must be uniform throughout the show. You are also limited to 30 characters, this includes spaces. Any request for changes to fascia, received after the stated deadline date indicated on the form, will be subject to 25 USD per fascia for re-printing.
Can the size of my stand be altered?
If you need a bigger - or smaller – stand, your exhibition organiser will be able to help you arrange something new. Please contact the show organiser to assist you further with your stand size changes.
When will my stand be built?
Your build-up schedule will be in your exhibitor manual, the length of time needed depends on the build length of the show you are attending.
Can I install a TV directly on to my shell scheme wall?
No, you would need a reinforced wall panel. A reinforced wall panel is a 5mm thick wooden panel which provides support to anything you want to hang on the wall. Shell scheme wall panels can hold a hanging item of up to 2kg in weight. If you have a wooden type stand, a reinforced wall panel will not be required.
Can you provide on-site labour during build up?
Yes, at an additional cost. However, any on-site labour requests will be subject to availability. Let us know the job specification required and we’ll get you a quote.
Can I display items outside my stand area?
No, for health and safety reasons you’re not allowed to expand beyond your stand area.
Can I apply graphics to my wall panels?
All shell scheme exhibitors are highly recommended to use GES graphics services as the materials provided is on a rental basis only, all of our panels are reusable so we need to make sure they're in top condition for the next exhibitor. Should an external contractor be used a fine will be applicable and any damage on the wall panel will be subject to further charges. Let us know if you need any assistance with your graphics and printing installation.
talk to our graphics team
Can the fascia and ceiling grid be removed from my stand?
- You can remove the ceiling grid and fascia of your shell scheme stand depending on your stand orientation. However it’s worth keeping in mind that you cannot have one without the other. If this is what you need, let us know at least 10 days before build-up begins for further advise. Additional wall supports maybe required.
What kind of shell scheme/stand space do I have?
Your exhibition manual will tell you what kind of stand you have. Please contact the organiser for further details on your stand space booked.
Can I order additional items on-site?
Yes, just visit our service desks during build-up. All on-site orders are subject to availability and on-site charges. Stock is limited once the build begins so we recommend arranging all your exhibition needs before you arrive.

If you do order something on-site, we’ll get it to you as soon as possible but please be aware orders placed pre-show will be priority. We have a lot of orders to fulfil so we would strongly advise you place all order pre-show. You can check item availability at the service desk.

On-site payments can be made by credit or debit card (2.5% surcharge for credit cards) and we take Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Solo, Delta, Electron, JCB and Maestro Switch (please note our system will not take Maestro Cards without a 3 digit security code). We do accept cash, however we carry very limited change and due to the nature and location of exhibitions, we may not accept cash for larger orders. Please pay by card if possible.

Floor coverings

Does my stand come with flooring?
If you booked a shell scheme stand with the organiser this normally includes exhibition grade carpet. Space only areas do not have flooring included. Specifics about what’s included in your stand are in your stand contract.
How do I find out what colour flooring is on my stand?
Your exhibitor manual will tell you everything you need to know. Your stand contract will also detail exactly what you have.
Can I change the colour of my flooring?
You can indeed! If you change your carpet to another colour within the same range, we’ll only charge you USD 11.00 per SQM for the change (only for shell schemes stands). If you choose a different range of floor covering then this will be charged at full price. If you have changed the colour of your carpet, and you have a shell scheme, we will remove the protective polythene for free. **Prices are subject to change according to the type of carpet available.


Where can I find a furniture brochure?
Our furniture brochure can be found here. Alternatively, if you use our online ordering system, you can view our entire range of furniture along with prices and dimensions. All furniture is subject to availability, prices do not include VAT and price is to hire for duration of the event (or one week).
Exhibitor Services Brochure

Non-catalogue services 

Can GES provide items not in the catalogue?
We can provide you with items not in our catalogue, just let us know the specifics of what you’re looking for. Out of catalogue items are quoted separately and you’ll need to confirm and pay for the order before we can provide it.

Use the form below to get in touch about any items you might be interested in receiving a quote for.

Ordering and paying

How many ways can I pay?
Invoice: Your order can be placed through our online ordering system. You can also give us a call or email us. Alternatively, you can use the order forms which can be emailed to us once filled out. When the order has been processed the invoice will be sent to the email address indicated on the form within 3 working days (from date of order); Please contact our servicentre if the invoice has not been recieved.

Card: There’s an on-screen payment option on our online ordering system. You may also contact us to provide you with an online payment link to further process your credit card payment.

Bank transfer: You can use the bank details provided at the bottom of our invoices. Please remember to include the IBAN indicated on the invoice in processing your payment transfer as required by UAE law. We may request you to send us a copy of transfer, by email, for our reference. Bank transfer usually takes 3-5 working days for our bank to receive your payment.

Cheque: All cheques need to be delivered to our office address and received, by us, before build-up begins. Please contact us for details.

Order now
Will I receive notification that my order has been placed? If so, when?
You will receive notification that your order has been placed. When you receive the notification depends on the method you used:

• Online: You will see an on screen confirmation after you submit your order
• Email: When your order reaches us, our servicentre will confirm the receipt of your order within 24 hours. • Post: You’ll receive an invoice once your order has been processed
I’m having issues processing my card payment online, what do I do?
Don’t panic. All you need to do is follow the error messages shown online and if the issues continue contact our ServiCentre team on +971(4)8859336.
How long will it take to have my invoice processed?
We always aim to process orders within 3 working day, however, during our busy periods, this may be slightly longer. If you haven’t heard from us after 5 working days, get in touch quoting the name of your exhibition.
How will I know when you have received my payment?
If your payment is sent with your order, the payment will be reflected in your invoice once the order has been processed. If you would like confirmation for a payment made after an invoice has been issued, you can check by emailing uaeareceivables@ges.com.

On-site questions

What times are the GES service desks open?
Our service desks are usually open at the same times as the exhibition halls – they usually close at the same time too. If no one is at the desk, please contact the servicentre +971(4)8859336.
How can I place an order when I’m on-site?
You can visit our service desk to place your order when you’re on-site; full payment will be required for any purchases you make and stock will be limited however.
What services can the GES service desk assist me with?
We handle all enquiries for GES services including furniture, electrics, stand extras; anything not related to GES services, please refer to the organiser's office in this case.
Is there a number to call?
Please visit our service desk.
Can you specify the time my furniture will be delivered?
Unfortunately, we cannot specify an exact time. However, our service desk team will endeavour to obtain an approximate time for you.
I want to swap my furniture for a different item – is that possible?
You will only be able to change items if confirmed by our service desk team on-site; please note a cancelation charge will be applicable – you will be unable to swap items free of charge unless they arrive damaged or an incorrect item has been delivered.
No one has been to my stand – what else can I do?
Build-up is really busy so please be patient and someone will come to you. Alternatively, you can go to the service desk or the organiser’s office.
What do I do if something is wrong with my order and I’m on-site?
Visit our service desk (normally situated near the main entrance) or office immediately and let us know what your issues and concerns are. We will send a member of our team over to your stand as soon as possible.
How can I cancel orders on-site?
Visit our service desk. A cancellation surcharge will be payable and refunds cannot be processed on-site for pre-show orders (call +971(4)8859336 and speak to our finance team for further assistance). The service desk is able to take new orders or check if orders have been placed.


What kind of socket do I need to order?
Sockets come with tiered levels of power supply to save you money. To find out what type of sockets you need, check out our Electrical Service Myth-buster guide.
check out our Electrical Service Myth-buster guide
What kind of plug will I need for my socket?
All of our sockets are standard UK 3-pin sockets. For space only stand, please check with your stand contractor.
How many sockets will I need?
Low power appliances (laptops, phone chargers etc.) with a cumulative power consumption of 500w or less can be plugged into a 500w socket. Appliances that use more than 500w will need their own direct power supply. You cannot plug more than one item into a socket with a power supply greater than 500w.
Can I use an extension lead on 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 watt sockets?
No, venue regulations limit you to only using an extension lead on 500w sockets.
Can I choose where the sockets are placed on my stand?
Yes, all you need to do is send us a diagram showing both the orientation of your stand along with your desired socket positions.
When will my electrics be installed on my stand?
Electrical services are one of the first to be installed, however we can’t give a fixed time for when your electrical items will be installed an energised. If you arrive on-site and your electrics have not been installed, let our team on the service desk know and they’ll send you the first available electrician.
What time does the power go off on the last day of the exhibition?
Power will be shut off within 30 minutes of the show closing. If you need continued power after the show closes, ask our electrical services team about ‘build-up/break-down power’.

Stand diagrams and drawings

Can I see an example of how to draw out my stand on a grid plan?
There is a basic key and template included at the bottom of the grid plan which you can use to create your diagram. Ensure that any stand items are shown in the positions you want them (shelves, special walling, lights etc.) along with specific measurements like at what height you’d like your shelf set.
Where do I send the plan to?
Diagrams for electrics to be returned to electrics@ges.com

Diagrams for shell scheme extras to be returned to customerservice@ges.com

For space only design briefs, use sales@ges.com

Stand packages

How do I find out what’s included in my stand package?
Details of your stand package are sent to you by the organisers, they may also be stated in your stand contract. The best place to start looking for this information is your exhibitor manual.
How do I find out the sizes and dimensions of my stand package?
This information will be in your stand contract. If you’re struggling to find the information you need, your exhibition organiser will be able to help you.
Are electrics included in my stand package?
Not always. If you purchased a package from the organiser you’ll find everything that is included within your stand contract.
Can I order additional sockets for my stand?
Absolutely! The most popular way is to use our online ordering system.
Order online now

The exhibition dictionary

Exhibitions are quite strange. You’ll find that there’s almost an entire new language you need to learn before you can get started. Our job is to make your exhibition as easy as possible and language should never be a barrier to you succeeding. So check out our list of exhibition terminology and get a clearer view of what you need to do next:

This is the area between exhibition stands that visitors walk on.
This is the point in an exhibition that the organiser has set for exhibitors and contractors to dismantle their stands and leave the venue. This is also sometimes called ‘tear-down’.
Also sometimes called ‘bump-in’, build-up refers to the scheduled days and times that the organiser has set for exhibitors and contractors to install their stand at the exhibition.
Ceiling beam/grid
The centre frames on the ceiling of a shell scheme stand that support the location of lights and makes the stand structurally sound.
Exhibition/event/trade show…
Whatever term you see referring to your exhibition, they all mean the same: The gathering you’re attending to present yourself or your company. The terms mean more to visitors than anything else, they let visitors know what kind of gathering they’re going to look at. As a general rule: exhibitions are open to the public and trade show are for industry members only.
Exhibitor (that’s you!)
Whether you’re exhibiting alone, or as part of a bigger company, the term used in most organiser and supplier communications for whoever holds the stand is ‘exhibitor’.
Exhibitor Manual
This is an online (and sometimes printable) guide that holds all of your exhibition information and details exactly what you need.
Fascia/name board
A fascia (or name board) is the top part of a shell scheme and is where your company name and stand number is printed. It usually sits horizontally along the front of the stand to be visible to visitors in the aisle. To change your name board, you’ll need to submit a form to the official show contractor. The open sides of your stand will determine the location of the fascia(s).
Floor plan
The diagram that shows the position and orientation of stands within an exhibition. Visitors will usually get a copy of the plan to help them navigate to stands they really want to see.
Grid plan
A type of diagram that you can send to us to illustrate where you would like items positioned around your stand. Most grid plans are completed using a birds-eye-view, or top down, perspective.
A hall is usually the large room within a venue where your exhibition is taking place. Exhibitions can be very big, so they’re usually divided into halls to make them easier to navigate. If you’re taking part in a large exhibition, it would be worthwhile telling potential visitors both your hall name and your stand number before they arrive on-site.
Official contractor/supplier
The company that the organiser has selected to build and supply your exhibition (usually, that’s us). After you’ve rented your stand from the organiser, contact your supplier to get your stand made.
For exhibition suppliers and organisers; an exhibition is a working environment and often resembles a building site during build-up and breakdown. For this reason you may often hear the term ‘on-site’, which is just another word for venue. For example: hire your furniture and it’ll be on-site when you get there.
Open sides
The number of sides that a stand is open to the aisle on. Exhibitions are usually designed in a grid format, similar to city blocks. So the amount of sides open to the aisle will be either 1, 2, 3 or 4.

• A 1 open side stand has 3 walls and is sometimes called a ‘terrace stand’.

• A 2 open side stand has 2 walls, usually both of the open sides are next to each other – creating a corner. Therefore it’s sometimes called a ‘corner stand’.

• A 3 open side stand usually backs onto either the venue wall or another stand – thus it has at least one wall. You may hear the term ‘peninsula stand’ when referring to a 3 open sided stand.

• A 4 open side stand is often called an ‘island stand’ because it has no walls and is completely surrounded by aisle walkways. Sometimes these are also called ‘free spaces’.

The company hosting the exhibition and who you’ve booked your stand with. Your exhibition organiser will provide you with all your vital information; like your exhibition manual and list of suppliers.
A standard set of exhibition supplies, usually furniture and/or electrical items, which are provided as part of a shell scheme stand. These items are pre-selected by the exhibition organiser from the exhibition supplier’s stock, who installs them on your stand. These items cannot be substituted or swapped, you can upgrade them however.
Service desk
The service desk is where an exhibitor would go to ask questions and purchase additional exhibition services while on-site during build-up. We use only our best service teams at the service desks and they are there to help. If you need a service we can’t provide; visit the organiser’s office which will be clearly sign posted.
Shell scheme stand
This type of stand makes up the majority of stands at an exhibition. Made from aluminium frames and customisable panels, shell scheme stands offer a simple and effective way to exhibit. Shell scheme stands have a fixed height, but you can rent as much floor space as you like. After an exhibition, the stands are taken down and reused on other exhibitions.
Show day(s)
The scheduled days that the organiser has set for visitors to attend the exhibition.
Space only stand
A space only is an empty plot of space on an exhibition floor, nothing else is included. What you choose to do with that space is up to you, although most exhibitors choose to commission a custom stand (through us for example).
Stand (sometimes referred to as ‘Booth’)
The area you can rent at an exhibition. Usually you’ll get the choice between a shell scheme stand or a space only stand.
Stand name and number
This is the information that identifies your stand on the exhibition floor plan, if you have a shell scheme stand this information will also be printed on your fascia board. Your exhibition organiser will assign your stand a number, which you can find in your exhibitor manual. You will be asked to send the name you want associated with your stand so the organiser can display it in the floor plan and show guide too (it helps visitors find you).
Stand visual
A computer generated image of your stand. Stand visuals are usually used to illustrate modifications you can make to your stand.
Stand wall(s)
This usually refers to shell scheme stands, which will usually have at least one side of walling. Shell scheme walls are made up of customisable panelled sections – from special panels to display products, to complete graphic print.
Stand system
A stand system is the very technical term for the kind of shell scheme stand you have. Shell scheme can be made using 4 different types of aluminium frames, called systems. Some names you may come across are Edge, Sodem, Octanorm and our brand new GES Complete. Each system has slightly different panel measurements, so make sure you check before getting any artwork printed!
This is the name of the building your exhibition will be happening in. The NEC and ExCeL London are examples of major exhibition spaces. Within a venue, an exhibition usually takes over a certain amount of halls.