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What is exhibition logistics?

Exhibition logistics is the term that refers to the delivery, heavy lifting and safe storage of exhibition related freight. The overall cost is based on how many services you need and distance, but all services are priced based on the size (length, height and depth) and weight of your freight.

Exhibition logistics differs from regular logistics in several ways, primarily in the knowledge of how exhibition venues work. Exhibition logistics companies (like ours) only deal with exhibition freight and so are able to navigate your freight all the way to your stand, regardless of what it is. Regular couriers aren’t permitted on-site, so they’ll need to pin someone down to get a signature before leaving… Which could take a while.

You can find out much more about exhibition logistics by viewing our event logistics myth-buster guide!


Why hire exhibition logistics?

If you have something precious or heavy that you need at your show - be that a case of diamonds (IJL case study), a box of marketing materials or a super yacht (London Boat Show case study) – don’t run the risk of being turned away at the door after you’ve hauled your freight to the venue. Exhibition logistics teams have all the necessary permits needed to get your freight to your stand safely.

In addition to taking care of any delivery or international customs clearing you need, exhibition logistics can also handle the hiring of forklift and crane crews (Elvis case study) if your freight needs it at the venue. You can even hire out a safe storage area to keep all your empty boxes safe out of view of the show floor.


What do you get from us?

Delivering excellent service comes as standard. So what do you get from our exhibition logistics team?

  • Delivery from Aberdeen to Adelaide, via Abu Dhabi, if you need it. International customs clearance and domestic exhibition freight forwarding is our specialty.
  • No matter how big or small your freight is, all you need to do is tell us where it’s going – we’ll handle arranging any special equipment.
  • Priority service, both before and after your exhibition, if we’re the official logistics contractor.
  • Safe storage at your venue for anything you don’t need on your stand – whether that’s empty flight cases or spare marketing materials.
  • Regular transit tracking updates for your peace of mind.

Getting my freight to my show sounds complicated, what should I do?


Provided you hire a professional team to help you, instead of doing it all yourself, your part of the process is relatively simple. Just don’t forget your freight weight, measurements, destination and return address and you’ll be fine - even if you have multiple events on your calendar and you’re forwarding freight from show to show. Can you pick-up and deliver oversized items/ items in awkward places?