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With our cutting-edge technology, we have one of the most intricate RFID technologies in the industry. Our RFID technology is an industry-leading platform for badging, tracking and real-time reporting at live events. Utilizing RFID-enabled badges, our unique solution monitors attendee activity at events and offers organizers unsurpassed insight into attendee behaviors. We also offer our best in class EthnoMetrics℠ technology. EthnoMetrics℠ is a measurement system that uses video or smart phone technology to study attendee behavior at your exhibit. 


Whether you are looking to make changes to your floor plan, to the schedule, or to specific sessions, or looking to improve attendee engagement areas, we can provide you with quantifiable data and insights to make sound decisions.

Our team works with you to understand your needs and selects the best technology to gather data to support your exhibit goals.

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