Show Management Platform

GES Connect is a fully integrated online application that allows you to effectively manage every element of your show from beginning to end.

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Sponsorship Merchandising and Management

The GES Sponsorship Platform equips organizers with a custom website for merchandising and managing sponsorship opportunities.

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Attendee Performance Measurement System

GES ethnoMetricsâ„  is a measurement system that uses video, smartphone and RFID technology to study attendee behavior at your event.

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Exhibitor Ordering Tool

Expresso is more than an online tool and mobile app–it’s just the right blend of information, service and technology that creates a positive, seamless experience for exhibitors.

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Content Management by Cadmium

Powered by CadmiumCD, this exclusive Content Management Solution organizes, displays and promotes speaker content seamlessly.

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Registration and Data Intelligence Solution

Visit by N200 is a web-based enterprise-wide registration application that enables organizers to interact and create a personalized experience with their attendees, exhibitors, and then, with each other.

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