Activate Your Brand

The right exhibit experience fully engages attendees and doesn’t just represent your brand - it activates it. As a full-service provider for live events, we have everything you need in-house, from design and build to event accommodations, AV, marketing and more. We’ll help you create an experience that draws attendees, encourages meaningful engagement, and tells your unique story.


It’s Show Time!

We all realize that this is the real world and there is no substitute for performance. Our single focus is the flawless execution of your exhibit. Every detail is attended to and every effort extended to ensure an amazing experience for you and your attendees.

Our Custom Design Process


We research the brand and product/service offerings. Through an organized, disciplined method, we meet with you and other key stakeholders to gather basic information to ensure we provide an on-target response. We understand your key objectives, as well as any internal “hidden-agenda” drivers. The result of this collaboration is a detailed creative brief, produced by your account and design team, which serves as the basis for all subsequent creative and design output.


We brainstorm ideas, develop initial concepts, direction, and recommendations for your project or program. We meet with your team again to get feedback, revise and better shape subsequent development, and crystallize design to reach a finalized approach.


This is where the rubber meets the road. We set the metrics that will govern all future thinking and serve as our measurement tool to gauge performance and begin to associate real resources and costs with the ideas. We determine the basics of materials, products, and construction techniques that best match your objectives, expectations, and budgets and begin to engineer your project.

Don't Tell Anyone It's Rented (Except Your Boss)


Invest in Wowing Attendees, Not Storage

Exhibit rentals that look custom

Our extensive inventory of unique exhibit components with flexible design and accessory options lets you rent an exhibit that looks, feels, and performs like a custom build.

We have the inventory and experience to make your trade show exhibit stand out.

  • Utilize extensive inventory
  • Upgrade existing exhibits
  • Create unique designs
  • Maximize design and engagement
  • Customize with accessories
  • Eliminate cost of ownership

Building to Specs

With our extensive inventory of unique exhibit displays and components, you can design a rental exhibit to your specifications – and nobody will ever know it’s rented. Rely on our nearly 80 years of experience for an exhibit that stands out from the competition and stays within budget.


Upgrading Components

You can easily transform an existing exhibit to meet new objectives. Whether you’re looking to add more square footage with a modular second floor, prominently feature products on a sleek shelving system, attract more attention with signage, provide soundproof meeting rooms to close deals, or just about anything else, we have options that will give you the flexibility and wow-factor you’re looking for.

Captivating Attendees

By renting an exhibit, you can focus your resources on engaging attendees with a captivating trade show display, design and experience. Whether you’re planning a global exhibit program or you just want to rent an exhibit for a single show, we’ll begin where every successful program starts: with a conversation. Then we’ll find the right rental solution to help you achieve success the way you define it.


See Our Work

TOTO In our strong partnership with TOTO, we not only manage the design and logistics of their tradeshow program throughout the US, Canada and Brazil, we design and produce their Showroom Display program for dealers and product galleries.
Procter & Gamble We worked with Procter & Gamble for the North American Veterinary Conference to create a truly unique in-booth experience with all elements completely integrated and measured.
3M See how we helped 3M bring technology to life by converting a storage closet into a permanent digital merchandising center.
Kaiser Permanente At Health Information Management Systems Society, we designed and built a welcoming environment featuring interactive kiosks that informed visitors about the CCC, their history, and purpose.
Komatsu We’ve worked with Komatsu for years to provide brand activation and help them communicate key messages.
Philips We helped to position Philips as the market leader in LED technology and innovation by designing a new 10,000 square-foot booth that marketed each product to their very different audiences yet integrated together.
PerkinElmer When PerkinElmer returned to PittCon, our designers created an exquisite 30x40 exhibit that featured multiple points of engagement, while our account management team seamlessly handled install, dismantle and logistics.
IDEXX Look at how new designs and a fully integrated and measured experience won IDEXX best in show at NAVC.

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