Floyd Genova is GES’ senior sales manager at GES' New Orleans office...

The Super Bowl is such a momentous event that some even consider it a de facto American holiday. And for those lucky enough to attend the big game or to live in the host city, they also have the opportunity to enjoy sponsored events before and after that you don’t see on TV. The NFL understands that fans will come in droves to participate in these festivities.

GES' New Orleans team had the privilege of being a partner to Party Planners West, Inc. in creating the “NFL Experience” event at the Super Bowl, as well as servicing the local host media areas. We provided 50,000 square yards of carpet, laid over 10,000 square yards of custom turf, installed more than 1,000 linear feet of 35’ high drape, 150 registration kiosks, 300 stanchions and an extensive amount of graphics. We executed this event like a true championship team.

So, what makes this THE ultimate sporting event and what are the event professionals doing right? The NFL knows the two critical elements of any successful event (and I bet you do too):

1. Experience- Their team has perfected creating an authentic experience that goes far beyond the field.  Sponsor promotions and events, such as the NFL Experience, engage a larger audience and keep fans talking via social media, word of mouth, etc. for weeks before and after the big game. They showcase A-list performers which bring memorable entertainment and sometimes infamous wardrobe malfunctions. The NFL and their sponsors make the Super Bowl about more than football.  It's an experience for everyone to enjoy.

2. Location- All events benefit from a location that is easily accessible and appealing to the target attendee.  The Super Bowl is no different. The host city needs to have sightseeing opportunities, be easily accessible and nice weather is a plus. Why the Big Easy? Because we know how to celebrate, its Mardi Gras season and we welcome guests with open arms (and with plenty to see, eat and drink).

I’m proud to say that I was a part of this unforgettable event. From blackouts to Beyonce, Super Bowl XXVII will forever be one of the most exciting and rewarding events I’ve been a part of. A huge shout out to my GES team which included Bryan Kriesen, Steve Sabido, Steve Raley, Vanessa Stewart, Jennifer Atherton, Kristen Shepard and many more! You are the championship team!

What special events have you been part of? Share your memories below!