Have you used countless types of graphics in your exhibit, show or event-marketing programs? Have you ever thought that it maybe your time to go green when it comes to graphics? Do you even know of the green options out there?

GES’ Kris Truscott answered questions similar in the Help column of EXHIBITOR magazine’s May issue. He illustrated that graphics cover or comprise a majority of exhibit structures and are typically replaced then discarded in a landfill.

What does this mean to you? Even the small steps toward greening your graphics can have a significant and positive impact on our Earth.

Kris also explains eco-conscious substrate options that make it relatively easy to change your graphics from “brown” to “green.” Not only will this help Mother Nature, but your wallet as well by saving you some green in the process.

Five Green Graphics Materials:

1. Honeycomb Boards (e.g., BioBoard and Falconboard)

2. Jet 220

3. Styrene

4. Showcard

5. Coroplast

If you need any more help “greening” your graphics please feel free to reach out to Kris Truscott at ktruscott@ges.com or share your questions on our Facebook wall!

(Article via EXHIBITOR Magazine)