John Logan is Senior Software Developer at GES

With the information age well underway, digital content has become the new standard. From local news to world news, manuals to advertising, much of today’s information is available only in digital form. Even with that in mind, a lot of fellow industry members still rely heavily on printed brochures to disseminate information to attendees. While everyone appreciates free fire starters for their next campfire, we have to ask ourselves, “Is there a more economical and measurable approach?”

Thankfully there is a smarter option and it comes in the form of electronic literature. And those that have used it love it. Not only does it save trees and prevent back strain (from lifting brochure boxes), it also encourages users to review the information at their leisure while providing analytics on attendee behavior. It’s as easy as this: an attendee swipes her badge, takes a quick survey, reviews literature and quickly emails herself what is most interesting to her. The attendee gets what she wants without having to carry brochures and the exhibitor or show organizer gets much needed insight.

You’re about to exhibit at a show and have questions. Don't feel alone, here are the most common:

  1. What options do I have?
  2. What’s the best way to have an electronic literature interactive in my exhibit?

Here are my answers:

  1. Our MarketWorks team has built and researched options to answer both of those questions. The result is a series of custom solutions and products to meet many different needs. From iPhones to huge touch screens, mobile apps to web apps and out-of-the-box to custom, the products are developed both internally and through carefully selected vendors.
  2. iPads, Android tablets and other mobile devices are the most popular choices. The large touch screens and interactive systems that draw attendees into the booth are trendy options as well. To understand the best eLit solution for you, start by asking yourself what your goal is:
    • Initiate communication with attendees?
    • Attract attendees roaming the aisles?
    • Create a memorable experience?
    • Social integration?

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, “How do you apply this to an exhibit’s strategic plan?”

All of the options we have chosen contain the following features:

  1. Badge scanning features
  2. Survey capabilities
  3. Preview with eLit selection
  4. Email fulfillment (meaning that attendees receive links to download the literature)
  5. Click-through reporting to help understand the most popular content and how many users are reading them

Are you interested?  Let me know by commenting below and I can share more information.