When I first joined GES five years ago, Dynamic Communities Inc.’s (DCI) summit was one of the very first shows I signed. We knew the show was growing, but didn’t know to what extent. Being new to GES, I was still learning about our company, and through hard work and a terrific team the first show was a success.

That year a bond was created between not only my client Heather and I, but between DCI and GES. I feel that together we’ve not only grown our individual roles, but we’ve strengthened our partnership in the process.

DCI depends on our team as a resource and partner. As an example, when the site selection process for future years begins, Heather always looks to our team for our knowledge of labor costs and facilities.  We share our expertise of operations and information about access to dock space, elevators and if forklifts can be used in the venue.  These and other considerations are key for a smooth production of her show. While not her only deciding factors, these details are an important part of her selection.

The growth of DCI’s Summit has been exciting to watch, and each year we’re forced as a team to look at new and creative ways to expand registration or fit more booths on the show floor. Year after year not only do I see the friendly faces of returning exhibitors, but the footprint of their booths have grown. The feedback has been so great from exhibitors and attendees alike that DCI is pursuing opportunities in Europe.

Are you thinking about expanding the size of your show? Here are three tips from my experience with Heather and the DCI team:

  1. Use a Larger Facility- This may seem scary, but when the time is right you’ll know. DCI’s Summit started as a single hotel ballroom show. Each year they struggled to find a hotel with enough space to accommodate their growing exhibit floor and breakout sessions. In 2012, we’re taking the big leap to a convention center.
  2. Believe in yourself- DCI Summit’s growth goes to show that small events can blossom into something larger down the road. Making Heather and her team feel like the “big fish” from the get go cultivated and ultimately gained GES a trusted client and partner.
  3. Keep the big fish mentality- No matter the size of your show, think big when it comes to the future. While your show may be small now, you never know what the future holds. Don’t think in the small show mentality, think like you’re growing and continue striving for more.

I can’t begin to explain the wealth of knowledge I’ve received from working on this team, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

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