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  • 5 Ways Digital Marketing and Event Marketing Are Similar

    5 Ways Digital Marketing and Event Marketing Are Similar

    As marketers, we are constantly tweaking our efforts to better engaging with our audience. We research new ideas, build complex personas, pay consultants to tell us what we already know. We all want to move our traditional marketing efforts to something new and exciting.

    Two areas of marketing are growing in popularity and, more importantly, effectiveness. So much so, in fact, that many in-house marketing groups have dedicated staff specifically to support these efforts.

    First is

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  • The dawn of the intelligent event is here


    This article originally appeared in Engage Magazine:

    Today we sit on the crest of a new wave of ‘smart’ events – complete with interconnected technologies, loads of data and insights and new ways to prove ROI.

    For years, since the post-World War II generation, people created, hosted and attended events because it was a way to demonstrate their status, share new innovations, and network.

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  • Getting a Grip at CES: The Importance of Hands-On Marketing

    Getting a Grip at CES -- The Importance of Hands-On Marketing

    Would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive? There are exceptions, of course, but in most cases, the answer would be “no.”

    You’d want to get a feel for how the vehicle handles or whether it has room for your family. Does it have a solid, sturdy construction or does it feel cheap? Ultimately, you’re trying to determine whether it will fit your needs. Only then can you begin investigating all the other myriad factors that go into making an informed purchase. But none of that matters if you don’t like the product once you’ve gotten your hands on it.

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  • Webinar: Sneak Peek at the 2017 GES Trend Tracker Report

    Webinar Sneak Peek at the 2017 GES Trend Tracker Report 1

    A new year means new trends! GES’ annual Trend Tracker report provides readers with the ultimate annual event and exhibit trend forecast. The 2017 report, which will be released in the next few weeks, includes 50 top industry predictions in areas such as planning and strategy, marketing, technology, and design. But we’re giving you the opportunity to take a sneak peek!

    Join us January 11, 12 or 13 for our next Trend Tracker Sneak Peek Webinar . We’ll provide an inside look at some of the hottest event and exhibition trends to watch.

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  • For 2017, Focus on the Trend That Never Goes Out of Style

    For 2017- Focus on the Trend That Never Goes Out of Style

    No, it's not Pokémon Go2. Or Mark Zuckerberg’s “new” Jarvis (though that would be cool!). No, my trend prediction for 2017 is about people.

    Following a speaking session recently, I was asked what my one top technology trend to watch in 2017 would be.

    It took me a moment. There are a gazillion things to choose from. So after a gulp of water, and 500 eyes and ears waiting to see what glimmer of hope I may bring for their prosperous 2017, my answer?

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  • Santa’s Gone High-Tech

    Santa’s Gone High-Tech

    Do you remember the first time you went to the mall and waited in line to see Santa? What did you ask for when you finally climbed up onto his knee? A doll? A sled? A pony?

    Today’s Santa visits are becoming a far cry from what many of us remember with our parents or even our own children. GES recently partnered with Taubman to help create an out-of-this-world holiday experience for children at the Mall at Short Hills in New Jersey. Thanks to new virtual technology, visitors could choose Santa’s flight route and then select a personalized flight suit to wear while they helped him deliver gifts.

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  • 2017 Event Marketing Trend Preview for Procurement Professionals

    2017 Event Marketing Trend Preview for Procurement Professionals

    The new year will be here in just a few short weeks! After you pop the champagne, it’s time to implement new spending strategies to make the most of your 2017 budget.

    If your company is planning to up the ante on event spending next year, procurement teams will need to be better informed on what they can expect from their marketing teams and be prepared for unfamiliar things to appear on your event RFPs.

    Here’s a snapshot of the four biggest event marketing trends that will matter most in 2017—and what they mean to procurement departments:

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  • What Does a ‘Smart’ Venue Look Like?

    What Does a Smart Venue Look Like

    Over the past few years, keeping up with trends in technology has become more important for event planners than ever. Venues love to throw around the term “smart,” but a smart venue is more than a Wi-Fi router and a few references to the cloud. Truly smart venues give participants opportunities to try new experiences and make engagement simpler and more effective for presenters and exhibitors. It’s up to event planners to maximize the benefits of smart venues for the good of the guests.

    The best venues are all about enhanced communication and versatility. Power options should be plentiful, internet should be both fast and reliable, digital signage and screens should be visible, and presentation tools such as stages, lighting, and microphones should be adaptable. In addition, audience members should get to enjoy rising immersion tech, such as augmented reality and 3D presentations. Event planners and organizers should also look for technology that helps them evaluate attendee engagement. Audience response systems and social media integration are ideal for this purpose.

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  • It’s All About… Booth Hospitality at Expo! Expo! 2016

    It’s All About… Booth Hospitality at Expo! Expo! 2016

    The combined spirit of this year’s IAEE Expo! Expo! trade show experience can be summed up in one phrase: be our guest. Exhibitors welcomed attendees with cocktails, gourmet snacks, games and environments that encouraged the attendee to sit and stay a while.

    Hospitality is certainly an art form, especially from an exhibitor’s perspective. You have only seconds to engage an attendee before they move on to the next booth. Then there’s the challenge of rationalizing the cost of hospitality and its effectiveness since an attendee’s sensory experience cannot be easily measured.

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  • What You Won’t Want to Miss at IAEE Expo! Expo! 2016

    What You Won’t Want to Miss at IAEE Expo! Expo! 2016

    IAEE Expo! Expo! is here! This year’s event is all about action, and it takes place in sunny Anaheim, CA. Being a newcomer to the “show for shows” and not wanting to miss out on any opportunities, I put together an Expo! Expo! must-see list.

    Here’s a peek at some the educational opportunities, exhibit booths and networking events that I’m really excited to see!

    Educational Opportunities

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