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  • Creativity and the Value of Constraints


    Ours is a creative environment. In fact, our company, IDEAS, has always been based on understanding an audience, crafting an engaging story, and delivering that story as creatively as possible. Okay, everybody in our business says that. And, while we’re at it, how about these?

    “No idea is a bad idea.”

    "Get out of the box.”

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  • 10 Exhibitor Questions from the EXMC


    The Exhibitor Masterclass (#EXMC), brought to you by those ‘event-junkies’ at Facetime and the AEO, has grown in stature and reputation since its industry debut 3 years ago. The latest event, held at the impressive 30 Euston Square sold out within days, and when you visit the event you can see why.

    As well as an opportunity to mix with potential clients, there are also expert speaker slots, on topics ranging from lead capture & sales techniques, to creating event buzz on social media and how best to set out your stand. It is an ideal opportunity to learn the art of exhibiting. After all, having a stand at an event is a huge investment for your company to make, both in time and money. You need to make it worth your while.

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  • Eco-Trends that Apply to Events


    As event professionals, we have a responsibility. We should be doing more to make sure the events we run are kinder to the environment, and constantly strive to find new ways to make improvements. One way you can do this is by not just looking at how the events industry is considering the environment, but by taking note of eco-trends that are making waves.

     Here’s some popular eco-friendly concepts and eco-trends that can and should be applied to the events industry.


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  • The Importance of Music in Event Marketing


    I recently attended E3 2016 and noticed something amazing: Despite being surrounded by the latest technology and unreleased video games, crowds congregated around the bands and singers performing live music. In fact, there were more stages with live music this year than I’ve seen in recent years.

    It’s a trend I’m delighted to see more and more at trade shows, conventions, and other live events. The importance of music in marketing is something people tend to forget about. It has the power to move an audience in ways other communicative mediums simply can’t.

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  • VR 2.0 – Elevating Events in New and Exciting Ways

    VR 2.0 – Elevating Events in New and Exciting Ways

    The sedentary experiences of most virtual reality activations today with a heavy headset and repurposed gaming chair are quickly coming to an end. The latest and best VR experiences allow users to get up and walk around or incorporate additional elements, such as motion or even scent, providing a completely immersive sensory experience for event attendees.

    This strategy has come to life as part of the 2017 Super Bowl LIVE Fan Festival, where GES and partner IDEAS quite literally “launched” Future Flight , an out-of-this-world virtual reality experience, including a tower-drop ride that takes guests on an excursion through space to Mars. Guests don VR goggles for the 2-minute ride, which concludes with a 64-foot vertical drop that transports riders back to Earth, landing on the 50-yard-line of Houston’s NRG Stadium.

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  • Matchmaking at Events: Brain Dates and Brain Mates

    Matchmaking at Events - Brain Dates and Brain Mates

    You walk into an event, look around and realize you don’t know a soul. Suddenly, you feel paralyzed and the internal questions start: “Who should I connect with?” and “How do I meet up with like-minded people?” OR maybe you’re the belle-of-the-ball, the social butterfly, someone who can make multiple connections in a single smile?

    Either way, you quickly begin courting a few people here and there, making small talk about where they’re from and what they do... etcetera… but are you dating the right connections? Are these new connections your brain-mates?

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  • Virtual Reality Is Cool, But Don’t Bet Your Event on It

    Virtual-Reality-Is- Cool-But-Don’t-Bet-Your-Event-on-It

    They say that everything old becomes new again, and virtual reality developers seem determined to prove that adage true. VR was supposed to change the world in the 1990s, but neither the technology nor the demand for it was there. The hardware was clunky, the graphics were dizzying, and the overall quality of the experience wasn’t great.

    The idea of sharing helmets, goggles, and glasses with family members — let alone strangers — was a huge hurdle in public spaces. People soured on virtual reality, so it remained the stuff of science fiction.

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  • Inspired by Chaos

    Inspired by Chaos

    “We’re gluttons for chaos; visual, audio, sensory, social. Not only do we welcome it, we often actively seek it out.”

    Jeff Janes, GES Creative Director, shares his experiences working with creative partner IDEAS on the Future Flight and Houston LIVE experiences at Super Bowl LI.

    Jeff talks about his methods for dealing with the chaos that is often inherent to the creative process for event planning. Having the awareness to filter the input, absorb what’s important and use that information to inspire new ideas are key to Jeff’s process.

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  • Using Events to Connect with the Changing Consumer Audience

    Using Events to Connect with the Changing Consumer Audience

    Consumers are busy, mobile and want selfie worthy content. They have a changing emotional context and marketers need to understand those changes in order to create relevant and successful events.

    This episode of EM All Access focuses on connecting with consumers—about using storytelling, how to design an experience that unfolds and making events socially responsible.

    Video Transcript

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  • Cross-Pollinating B2B and B2C Events: Combining the Best of Both Worlds

    Cross-Pollinating B2B and B2C Events: Combining the Best of Both Worlds

    Every B2B event is attended by consumers—and all consumers are buyers who need to be informed about products and services. The line between B2B and B2C events is dissolving as marketers use the best of each to influence the other. Today’s B2B events are being created with the flair and excitement of consumer engagement. And more and more consumer events are being designed with the content focus and sales-driving principles of B2B programs.

    Video Transcript

    Hey there event marketers, Jessica Heasley here. Welcome to another episode of EM All Access. Where we connect you with some of the industry's most innovative events and the marketers behind them.

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