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  • 7 Tips For Running Summer Events


    Everyone loves a get together in the sun, but when it comes to planning there’s a lot to consider. Sometimes people forget to think carefully about how running an event in the warmer months is different to other seasons.

    It’s obvious that you need to consider the heat (even in Britain), but there’s more to consider beyond providing shelter from the sun or checking your venue has air-con. Here are some super handy tips to get you started…

    Consider your food & drink selection carefully

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  • 5 Key Talking Points from #EventTechTalks


    In case you missed out on the live feed, or you were unable to make it to the Huckletree this week, we have hand-picked a few of the key topics that were discussed at the Event Tech Talks live webinar. Part of London Technology Week, this was a live and interactive webinar panel session with leading event industry influencers, including our very own John Sanders, all discussing the key issues in event technology.

    “Event Technology – an ‘enhancement to’ or ‘distraction from’ an event?”

    According to industry research; “94% of event professionals will buy event technology to boost engagement at an event.”  But when does engagement turn into distraction?

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  • Event budgeting: How to stay in the black


    Whether you’re a marketer who has just been handed the job of organising your first exhibition stand, or even an old hand at the task, one simple word can still be met with fresh adversity. The dreaded B word: Budgeting!

    Exhibition marketing is one of the costlier forms of marketing, and naturally you anticipate questions such as “How much does an exhibition stand cost?” or “What costs do I need to consider?” and so on. However, with good planning and research, it needn't be such a monetary minefield.

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  • The 7 Constants of Successful Exhibition Stands

    If you want to be successful at your next exhibition, then you really need to get inside your customer’s minds when they're wandering around an exhibition - "Who has the best freebies?", "Who looks like a business partner and not a cowboy...", "Who do I make time to see?"...

    Even with all these thoughts floating around, there are certain constants that visitors tend to look for in an exhibition stand whether they know what they're looking for or not. With so many other stands to compete with, you need to find ways to catch the attention of your target audience. So, with that in mind, here are my seven basic hooks people look for in an exhibition stand:

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  • How to improve an event experience: The $1billion question

    Events are becoming increasingly intelligent. OK, so that’s no great revelation. We all know that, slowly but surely, technology is permeating events, leading to talk about delegate tracking, iBeacons and so called “smart shows” where visitors receive information while they’re out and about at a show. But, to me at least, it still feels very reactive rather than proactive.

    Let's rewind a tad; if you’re anything like me, iBeacons got lost in the endless stream of tech news and I hadn’t heard about them until a few months ago. They’re pretty nifty pieces of kit; you hide these little, low energy, Bluetooth receivers around a venue and they link up with a visitors Bluetooth enabled device to deliver information – you can have a little read up about them here. But think; could they go a step further? Instead of reacting to where I am, why not predict where I’m going to be?

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  • 6 Productivity Hacks for around the Office

    You must know the feeling, it’s Monday morning, you’ve told yourself that this week is the time you get uber-organised; every job/task/unanswered email will be safely in your ‘Done’ pile by close of play on Friday, the positivity is flowing through you as you make that journey to work, you say your “hellos” and your “how was your weekend’s” things are going well. Then you sit down at your desk and *crickets*…nothing.

    You completely draw a blank, you realise your desk is still a mess from Friday, your inbox is just depressing, you have post-it notes on your monitor that made so much sense last week but mean nothing to you now, and the positivity you had before has pulled a sickie on you at the last minute.

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  • Techna Carta – 10 Tech Rules For Any Business

    Do you remember learning about the Magna Carta at school? Written in 1215, the Magna Carta formed the basis of what we recognise as modern law and governance today. In 2016, there are new rules that businesses need to adhere to, especially in today's competitive technological world. These days, there are some things you just can’t get away with doing, no matter what industry or field you work in. Technology has infiltrated our lives and changed the way we run our businesses.

    With this in mind, we've come up with our ‘Techna Carta’. Our top ten tech rules that all businesses should follow. Check them out below and make sure your business stays on track and up to date with tech in 2016 and beyond.

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  • Event Ready Tech You Didn’t Think You Could Use In 2016

    Technology is a crucial part of exhibitions and events these days. It not only helps run events, but technology can also be used to take your visitor experience to the next level. We’ve searched far and wide and found some staggeringly cool technology you might not have thought you could use in 2016...

    Smart mirrors

    Who knew that in 2016 we would have smart mirrors?

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  • Global Exhibitions Day: Why?

    What does Global Exhibitions Day mean? With only a few days to go, I wanted to look at why we should get involved.

    As reported by UFI, we collectively:

    Create over 31,000 exhibitions every year

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  • Choosing The Right Partner For Brand Events


    In the world of brand events, flawless execution seems pretty straightforward on the surface. It simply means you carried out an event without any major hiccups, right? Commitments were met, everything went according to plan, and the appropriate brand message was brought to light.

    But in reality, that’s only half of the equation.

    As a marketing leader, it’s your job to ensure that your initiatives ring true to the values your company touts. Without a keen sense of how to make sure your event is both flawlessly executed and aligned with your brand message, you’ll risk missing opportunities—not to mention wasting money. After all, gathering hundreds or thousands of people together isn’t cheap.

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