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  • Engage Event Attendees Immediately With Smooth Registration


    No doubt, executing a flawless event takes months of scrupulous planning. From selecting the perfect venue to handpicking relevant sponsors to engineering a witty hashtag, a lot of tasks fill your to-do list. Finally, all your hard work has paid off: Registration is open!

    You log on to Twitter, hoping to see your hashtag spreading like wildfire — only to discover that event attendees are complaining about your cumbersome registration process.

    At the time, you were so busy perfecting every other detail that registration slipped through the cracks. How much variation can an event really have in its process, after all? But registration is a lot like a first impression. A smooth, engaging one can leave your attendees with a positive opinion of your event and your brand, while a poorly constructed one can leave them with a bad taste in their mouths for years to come.

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  • 3 Tips for Making a Big Splash With a Small Stand

    We’re live from the streets again! This time, we’re checking out how exhibitors at MAGIC are getting their brands across to retail buyers of all sizes. MAGIC is a global fashion trade show that gives buyers insight into the latest trends and a chance to be the first to make purchases for the upcoming season. As soon as I entered the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, it was obvious that this show isn’t subtle. When MAGIC comes to Las Vegas, it doesn’t just walk in — it makes a statement.

    With such a massive gathering of major retailers and independent buyers, it’s easy to see why well-known brands such as Calvin Klein, American Apparel, Superdry, BCBG, and Fjallraven put their seemingly endless budgets behind large brand activations at the show.

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  • Virtual Reality Is Cool, But Don’t Bet Your Event on It

    Virtual-Reality-Is- Cool-But-Don’t-Bet-Your-Event-on-It

    They say that everything old becomes new again, and virtual reality developers seem determined to prove that adage true. VR was supposed to change the world in the 1990s, but neither the technology nor the demand for it was there. The hardware was clunky, the graphics were dizzying, and the overall quality of the experience wasn’t great.

    The idea of sharing helmets, goggles, and glasses with family members — let alone strangers — was a huge hurdle in public spaces. People soured on virtual reality, so it remained the stuff of science fiction.

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  • Heaters: 3 Micro Event Trends Procurement Teams Need to Know About


    The continued rise of event marketing represents an entirely new discipline for the world’s procurement departments to embrace. Gone are the days of GRPs and exact media buys—today’s marketing campaigns span mobile marketing, pop-up stores, corporate social media meet-ups and everything in between.

    Indeed, it’s a brave new world for sourcing departments and the procurement managers who run them. Which is why GES is committed to keeping procurement teams informed on event marketing trends that are heating up, buzzwords and growth areas. After all, if you’re informed, you can make informed decisions. And if you understand many of the micro trends the event team is buzzing about, your sourcing team can help them bring those trends to your company’s events in smart, efficient ways.

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  • Exhibition Stands, 1950’s To Today

    1950s stand

    Exhibition stands have come a long way. They started out as fairly mundane, car boot looking trestle tables and have graduated to become eye popping, high tech stands that offer impressive visual and sensual experiences. Over the last half a century, exhibitions stands have evolved to become works of art. Companies have seen the opportunity to take things to the next level and use exhibition stands as a way to showcase forward thinking and innovation.

    You're probably wondering what the vintage stands of the 1950’s looked like compared to today. Well, they looked a bit like shop windows, except there wasn’t really much to see. Here’s a rundown of how exhibitions stands have evolved and changed over time.

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  • When Considering Event Sponsorship, Think Outside Your Industry


    An organization commonly stays in its target niche when attempting to grow an audience, but a powerful tactic worth exploring calls for seeking a marketing boost outside a familiar industry.

    Opening the door to new players allows organizations to increase brand visibility, something that 59 percent of exhibitors cited among the reasons to sponsor events in our recent Sponsorship 2.0 research. And half of these same sponsors measure the effectiveness of the event sponsorship based on the number of visitors to the organization’s booth — traffic and visibility sponsors wouldn’t otherwise see.

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  • Be like Netflix: 3 Ways To Spark Creativity Within Your Brand


    Creative branding used to mean clever ads and witty catchphrases, but content alone isn’t enough.

    Creativity today is all about disruption, attacking the market from an angle no one else has tried before, and establishing your business as the leader in that area before your competitors can scramble to adapt.

    Think about the way we consume movies and TV shows compared to just 10 years ago. Once-powerful Blockbusters have turned into liquor stores, and streaming services like Amazon and Netflix are running the show.

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  • 5 Ways to Become an Exhibitor Genius

    panoramic - aeo masterclass

    This summer we attended another successful Exhibitor Masterclass at the NEC. As the headline sponsor, we had the opportunity to connect with attendees to gain insights into exhibitor needs and offer the opportunity to #askGES about anything and everything to do with making an awesome exhibitor presence.

    As well as the fabulous lunch you missed out on, here are some of the top tips we took away with to help you up your exhibitor game:

    1. Start conversation early

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  • 8 Ways to Annoy Exhibition Visitors


    Getting everything right when you’re exhibiting isn’t easy. With so many things to think about, it’s no surprise that people often forget about the important stuff. However, when your turn comes to run an exhibition programme, there are some things you need to avoid at all costs. The general rules include not making people wait around, ensuring they are well fed and watered, and everything runs smoothly. If you think about some of the worst events you have ever been to, some of the following issues were probably their main downfall. Here are eight easily avoidable pitfalls that are certain to annoy your exhibition attendees:

    1. Overselling

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  • GES named as the official events supplier to F&E Including Prestigious Dubai Airshow


    All of us at GES are thrilled to be named as the official events supplier to F&E, a Tarsus Group company, for the next three years! We’re looking forward to the opportunity to work closely with this exciting team on such a prestigious portfolio of events.

    The agreement includes delivering event services for F&E’s aerospace portfolio in the Middle East – the MEBAA Show and the Dubai Airshow, taking place at DWC, Airshow Site; co-located shows Aircraft Interiors Middle East (AIME) and MRO Middle East – plus education exhibition GESS, held at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The deal builds on GES’ global relationship with parent group Tarsus – now encompassing 15 shows across the UK, U.S., Europe and the Middle East.

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