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  • 8 tips for exhibiting abroad

    Exhibiting abroad

    If you exhibit on the international stage, there’s a lot of things to consider. Where in the world you’re exhibiting will have a huge impact on the kind of stand and marketing material you produce. It’s important to take local customs into consideration and create a display that will appeal to the audience in question. 

    Many countries have very specific rules and expectations when it comes to exhibiting. For example, in Japan, the contractor is responsible for all rubbish generated during setup – whereas in the UK the onus falls on the exhibitor. So, if you’re planning on exhibiting on a global scale, here’s some things to keep in mind. 

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  • 5 ways to stay safe on-site


    If you’ve ever walked a show floor during build-up you’ll know that it’s a health and safety minefield with hundreds of potential opportunities for ‘near misses’ or even worse ‘workplace accidents’.

    As organisers and contractors, we operate in inherently risky environments. We are building increasingly sophisticated and compelling ‘event destinations’, operating in busy venues, running on tight schedules and managing multiple suppliers, partners and clients on-site. It’s exhilarating to be part of, but also a huge logistical challenge to ensure everyone’s safety.

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  • Gamification at events


    Less sci-fi, more like wifi!

    I think we've all heard the phrase “gamification” at some point this year. It seems to be the “in” thing and it seems like all the cool kids are doing it. I aim to bust some myths and make it seem more reachable. You don’t need to be a ‘gamer’ to be able to understand games, or how and why they work. You just need to have an open mind, a hint of creativity and a little knowledge never hurt anyone.

    Less galactic, more fantastic

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  • How to tap into people’s senses at exhibitions


    One way to really grab people’s attention and maintain it at exhibitions is to tap into people’s senses. People who walk away from your stand won’t remember your brand unless you appeal to several of their senses. Sensory marketing is certainly making an impact, but we expect it will take centre stage in the next few years, as more brands see the power of people’s senses and this impacts sales.

    Some of the best stands you will come across have somehow managed to appeal to each of our senses. This may seem like an impossible task, but with some careful planning, it’s possible to achieve. If you were wondering how you can do this, here’s some tips on how to tap into people’s senses at exhibitions.

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  • 8 ways to break the ice with exhibitors


    Image credit - Sean Weston

    Ultimately, the goal at any exhibition is to connect with as many exhibitors as possible to share information and news on what service and products you have to offer. These conversations can then be tracked as leads and followed up by your team generate potential business.

    However, before you get to that stage the very first thing you need to do is break the ice with exhibitors to help encourage them to get talking. So in an exhibition room filled with 100’s of stands, how can you break the ice and trigger exciting conversations? Discover 8 ways to break the ice…

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  • 3 projection mapping planning tips


    Projection mapping dates back to the 1960s, with Walt Disney producing one of the first public displays with the launch of its Haunted Mansion ride in 1969. Projection mapping first came to prominence in the mid-2000s, when brands began to use it in experiential marketing campaigns. Arguably one of the most compelling ways to express a brand, it has fast become a popular and effective way for event organisers to awe and inspire their audiences. 

    Projection mapping turns any object or building, be it a car or a disused factory, into a canvas for 3D projection of images, motion graphics, video, 3D animation and even live stream video.  Used alongside audio and lighting, projection mapping can be a powerful multi-sensory and immersive story-telling tool.

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  • 5 British must-see exhibitions


    There’s more to Great Britain than rain and fish and chips. We’re also home to some really great exhibitions. In typically British fashion there’s a whole plethora of serious, cutting edge exhibitions, with a smattering of the absolutely bonkers. I’m lucky enough to get to work on a good variety of both, so I’ll give you some insider tips on 5 great exhibitions you should visit over the next couple of months.  You don’t need to be a member of the trade industry to visit any of these, they’re all open to the public and well worth a visit – plus you may be able to walk away with a couple of ideas for your own exhibit.

    BBC Good Food Show

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  • Using keywords to improve your event


    You might think that keyword research is just for the SEO experts out there. But it’s actually extremely valuable to lots of other people, including those that work in events. Why? Because keyword research provides valuable insights into what people are searching for.

    This includes the products that are in demand, trends that are hitting the web, and burning questions your customers might be asking. All this information can help to give you the edge over your competitors and deliver an event that’s perfectly tailored to its audience. Here’s how you can use keyword research to improve your event.

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  • 10 Exhibitor Questions from the EXMC


    The Exhibitor Masterclass (#EXMC), brought to you by those ‘event-junkies’ at Facetime and the AEO, has grown in stature and reputation since its industry debut 3 years ago. The latest event, held at the impressive 30 Euston Square sold out within days, and when you visit the event you can see why.

    As well as an opportunity to mix with potential clients, there are also expert speaker slots, on topics ranging from lead capture & sales techniques, to creating event buzz on social media and how best to set out your stand. It is an ideal opportunity to learn the art of exhibiting. After all, having a stand at an event is a huge investment for your company to make, both in time and money. You need to make it worth your while.

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  • Eco-Trends that Apply to Events


    As event professionals, we have a responsibility. We should be doing more to make sure the events we run are kinder to the environment, and constantly strive to find new ways to make improvements. One way you can do this is by not just looking at how the events industry is considering the environment, but by taking note of eco-trends that are making waves.

     Here’s some popular eco-friendly concepts and eco-trends that can and should be applied to the events industry.


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