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  • Event & Network Tips For Introverts


    For introverts attending events, especially networking events, is sometimes a bit of a struggle. However, if you aren’t naturally outgoing, that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy going to the right events.

    If you have to go to a networking event that you are absolutely dreading, then don’t despair, we’ve got some handy tips to make you feel more at ease. Plus, despite popular opinion, introverts aren’t necessarily any worse at networking than extroverts. Research by Wharton management professor Adam Grant, for example, found that introverts are more effective leaders, so there’s no reason why you can’t nail that networking event, even if you are a little shy.

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  • Evolving the General Session: Creating High-Touch, Immersive Experiences

    Evolving the General Session Creating High-Touch, Immersive Experiences

    Multi-screen content, micro formats and the changing attention spans of attendees are all pushing marketers to refine their general session experiences. Gone are the days of packing attendees into static ballrooms. Today’s general sessions are high-touch, high-tech and moving faster than ever. 

    This episode of EM All Access is all about the evolution of the general session—how the format is changing and what’s next.

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  • 7 Events Tips we can Learn from Global Sporting Events


    7 Events Tips We Can Learn From Global Sporting Events

    Over the past year we've had a colourful display of amazing talent and wonderful sportsmanship, namely that big one in Brazil... Event's like this consistently get the world excited and people on the edge of their seats are definitely something to sit up and take notice of. It’s a huge responsibility to host a sporting event, and things don’t always go to plan. There’s always useful lessons that event professionals can learn from one of the most successful and loved events in the world. It’s not just the general running of the event we can learn from, but from the attitude, performance and actions of the athletes too. Below are some handy events tips to take away:

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  • Cross-Pollinating B2B and B2C Events: Combining the Best of Both Worlds

    Cross-Pollinating B2B and B2C Events: Combining the Best of Both Worlds

    Every B2B event is attended by consumers—and all consumers are buyers who need to be informed about products and services. The line between B2B and B2C events is dissolving as marketers use the best of each to influence the other. Today’s B2B events are being created with the flair and excitement of consumer engagement. And more and more consumer events are being designed with the content focus and sales-driving principles of B2B programs.

    Video Transcript

    Hey there event marketers, Jessica Heasley here. Welcome to another episode of EM All Access. Where we connect you with some of the industry's most innovative events and the marketers behind them.

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  • Event Tips From Mad Men


    Event Tips From Mad Men

    Mad Men has inspired all sorts of marketing and advertising businesses, professionals and experts. It’s a visually stunning programme that you just can’t help be mesmerised by, not just because of the story, but also because of the advertising gems and wise wisdom that resonates from the characters and pitches.

    Don Draper’s words tend to stay with you for weeks or months after you watch an episode, and you can’t resist being in awe of the way he approaches business. As well as advertising, content marketing and digital marketing in general, Mad Men offers lessons for those in events. Here’s some insightful events tips you can learn from Mad Men.

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  • The Importance of Music in Event Marketing


    I recently attended E3 2016 and noticed something amazing: Despite being surrounded by the latest technology and unreleased video games, crowds congregated around the bands and singers performing live music. In fact, there were more stages with live music this year than I’ve seen in recent years.

    It’s a trend I’m delighted to see more and more at trade shows, conventions, and other live events. The importance of music in marketing is something people tend to forget about. It has the power to move an audience in ways other communicative mediums simply can’t.

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  • 3 Tasty Exhibitor Takeaways from a Local Food Fest

    Food Festival 2013

    3 Tasty Exhibitor Takeaways from a Local Food Fest

    With an unusually sunny few days at my disposal this bank holiday weekend, I went for a wander down to a local food festival, held each year in a small park just down the road from me. In previous years the weather has cut it short, as with most outdoor festivals the success of the event is heavily dependent on the weather. As it turned out, with the sun shining, this usually quaint event saw over 10,000 visitors over two days, bravo.

    As we walked past the stalls and vans with an open mind, we carefully weighed up our options (after all we were hungry, but not THAT hungry). It did get me thinking, with major European food and drink exhibitions coming up over the next few months such as Speciality Fine Food and BBC Good Food, what can an exhibitor do get the passing foodie to stop in their tracks?

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  • Game Of Thrones Characters You Might Find At Events


    Game Of Thrones Characters You Might Find At Events

    Photo Credit - Mike Wrobel

    If you attend events regularly you'll know that you come across a huge range of different characters. However, there are some personality types and characters that tend to pop up at every event, there will always be one of each kind. Part of running events is about learning to cater to all these personality types, and think about how they might influence the success of your event. As an attendee, you have to learn how to interact with different people and challenging personality types.

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  • Engage Event Attendees Immediately With Smooth Registration


    No doubt, executing a flawless event takes months of scrupulous planning. From selecting the perfect venue to handpicking relevant sponsors to engineering a witty hashtag, a lot of tasks fill your to-do list. Finally, all your hard work has paid off: Registration is open!

    You log on to Twitter, hoping to see your hashtag spreading like wildfire — only to discover that event attendees are complaining about your cumbersome registration process.

    At the time, you were so busy perfecting every other detail that registration slipped through the cracks. How much variation can an event really have in its process, after all? But registration is a lot like a first impression. A smooth, engaging one can leave your attendees with a positive opinion of your event and your brand, while a poorly constructed one can leave them with a bad taste in their mouths for years to come.

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  • 3 Tips for Making a Big Splash With a Small Stand

    We’re live from the streets again! This time, we’re checking out how exhibitors at MAGIC are getting their brands across to retail buyers of all sizes. MAGIC is a global fashion trade show that gives buyers insight into the latest trends and a chance to be the first to make purchases for the upcoming season. As soon as I entered the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, it was obvious that this show isn’t subtle. When MAGIC comes to Las Vegas, it doesn’t just walk in — it makes a statement.

    With such a massive gathering of major retailers and independent buyers, it’s easy to see why well-known brands such as Calvin Klein, American Apparel, Superdry, BCBG, and Fjallraven put their seemingly endless budgets behind large brand activations at the show.

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