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Reagan Cook
Reagan Cook
Manager, Strategy & MarketWorks | LinkedIn

Reagan Cook is Manager, Strategy & MarketWorks for GES and brings insights from more than 30 years’ experience in marketing and strategy to the environmental, energy, utility, real estate, healthcare, technology and experiential marketing industries. His work on his masters degree led him to fight a “forest” fire that jumped the line. In his environmental work in the energy industry he counted alligators, drove a bulldozer, and created the first coal mine reclamation field tests the size of football fields and 40 feet deep. He also worked for legendary pro-quarterback Roger Staubach and The Staubach Company, which taught him unique team approaches to focus on customer’s needs. That explains a lot about his diverse ideas today.

  • The Human Factors Leading to Higher Event Effectiveness

    The Human Factors Leading to Higher Event Effectiveness

    We all want to be actively engaged with experiences that mean something to us personally or professionally. These are the events in our lives that lead to great stories people want to hear and that make memories we cherish long after the occasion ends. Our professional events should have the same impact. Events and exhibiting are people businesses. Anything that emphasizes and appeals to each individual’s humanity produces authentic engagement and deeper meaning for all involved.

    GES MarketWorks asked corporate marketing leaders, brand managers and event marketers about their event objectives. Revenue, Enhanced Customer Interactions and Brand Awareness topped the charts,essentially tied with about 70% of responses. Corporate responders reveal logic that should penetrate all event strategies and planning. Several factors lead to higher event profitability and success, engagement (enhanced customer interaction), brand awareness and personalization.

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