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Dave Lane
Content & Web Manager | | LinkedIn

Dave Lane is web and content manager for GES EMEA, where he manages the GES EMEA blog and content for all marketing materials. Dave has been with GES since 2012, and in that time has had the opportunity to work on company wide rebrands, email marketing, videos, print adverts, websites and countless exhibitions. Dave also writes content for several industry publications plus our key event organisers.

  • Managing your next event crisis

    Managing your next event crisis

    No matter how organised you are or how much blood, sweat and tears you put into an event, there’s always a chance something can go wrong. But there’s no need to panic and accept defeat, because with a backup plan for all of the potentially disastrous things that could dampen your day, you will be adequately armed to turn things around in no time. Running a successful event is all about being prepared, flexible, adaptive and having a positive mindset. Here are some common event disasters and tips on how you can manage them.

    Technical issues

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  • EuroShop 2017: An event marketer's dream

    Euroshop 2017

    From March 5th, over 100,000 professionals from some of the biggest brands in the world will be descending on Dusseldorf for EuroShop 2017. EuroShop is a huge event that runs every three years, showcasing the latest breakthroughs within visual merchandising, retail marketing and more. With innovations in store design, event stand architecture, visceral event marketing, visual merchandising and a virtual attendee experience from the moment you walk through the door; EuroShop appeals to a wide range of audiences. And while a significant proportion of the show is geared towards retail marketing, most (if not all) of the great work on display can be easily transferred to use in events - so why not head along and steal some ideas? After all, event marketing trends generally follow retail marketing trends in short order.

    Events need to offer a unique attendee experience. Attendees want to be ‘wowed’ when they walk onto a show floor. They want to walk into a lively, thought-provoking environment where they’ll meet like-minded professionals, build strong client relationships and learn new things.

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  • Alternatives to Oculus Rift


    Virtual reality is huge right now. So naturally, it was always going to find a niche within the events industry; specifically live events where consumers are expecting more and more immersive and high tech experiences. There’s some major players in the VR arena, but some of the underdogs should be no means be left off the starting line. Oculus Rift is a well-known VR brand that offers a huge amount in terms of functionality, and it has taken the market by storm. 

    You might be wondering exactly what Oculus Rift is? Well, in a nutshell, it’s a virtual reality headset made by Oculus VR. Wearing the headset is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. It’s used for a variety of different experiences including virtual reality movies, transporting yourself to a destination somewhere around the world, or spending time with people in virtual reality. 

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  • Best giveaways for events and exhibitions


    It’s no secret that everyone likes a freebie. One sure-fire way to get visitors to your stand at an event is to give away free stuff. However, there’s some freebies that people just don’t want, and others that will really make the kind of impact you’re after. 

    You may have to spend out a bit if you want to have the best giveaways, but you can also get creative on a budget. If you can’t afford to give everyone who comes to your stand a freebie, give out two or three bigger freebies as a prize instead. 

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  • 8 tips for exhibiting abroad

    Exhibiting abroad

    If you exhibit on the international stage, there’s a lot of things to consider. Where in the world you’re exhibiting will have a huge impact on the kind of stand and marketing material you produce. It’s important to take local customs into consideration and create a display that will appeal to the audience in question. 

    Many countries have very specific rules and expectations when it comes to exhibiting. For example, in Japan, the contractor is responsible for all rubbish generated during setup – whereas in the UK the onus falls on the exhibitor. So, if you’re planning on exhibiting on a global scale, here’s some things to keep in mind. 

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  • How to tap into people’s senses at exhibitions


    One way to really grab people’s attention and maintain it at exhibitions is to tap into people’s senses. People who walk away from your stand won’t remember your brand unless you appeal to several of their senses. Sensory marketing is certainly making an impact, but we expect it will take centre stage in the next few years, as more brands see the power of people’s senses and this impacts sales.

    Some of the best stands you will come across have somehow managed to appeal to each of our senses. This may seem like an impossible task, but with some careful planning, it’s possible to achieve. If you were wondering how you can do this, here’s some tips on how to tap into people’s senses at exhibitions.

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  • 5 British must-see exhibitions


    There’s more to Great Britain than rain and fish and chips. We’re also home to some really great exhibitions. In typically British fashion there’s a whole plethora of serious, cutting edge exhibitions, with a smattering of the absolutely bonkers. I’m lucky enough to get to work on a good variety of both, so I’ll give you some insider tips on 5 great exhibitions you should visit over the next couple of months.  You don’t need to be a member of the trade industry to visit any of these, they’re all open to the public and well worth a visit – plus you may be able to walk away with a couple of ideas for your own exhibit.

    BBC Good Food Show

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  • Using keywords to improve your event


    You might think that keyword research is just for the SEO experts out there. But it’s actually extremely valuable to lots of other people, including those that work in events. Why? Because keyword research provides valuable insights into what people are searching for.

    This includes the products that are in demand, trends that are hitting the web, and burning questions your customers might be asking. All this information can help to give you the edge over your competitors and deliver an event that’s perfectly tailored to its audience. Here’s how you can use keyword research to improve your event.

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  • Event & Network Tips For Introverts


    For introverts attending events, especially networking events, is sometimes a bit of a struggle. However, if you aren’t naturally outgoing, that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy going to the right events.

    If you have to go to a networking event that you are absolutely dreading, then don’t despair, we’ve got some handy tips to make you feel more at ease. Plus, despite popular opinion, introverts aren’t necessarily any worse at networking than extroverts. Research by Wharton management professor Adam Grant, for example, found that introverts are more effective leaders, so there’s no reason why you can’t nail that networking event, even if you are a little shy.

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  • 7 Events Tips we can Learn from Global Sporting Events


    7 Events Tips We Can Learn From Global Sporting Events

    Over the past year we've had a colourful display of amazing talent and wonderful sportsmanship, namely that big one in Brazil... Event's like this consistently get the world excited and people on the edge of their seats are definitely something to sit up and take notice of. It’s a huge responsibility to host a sporting event, and things don’t always go to plan. There’s always useful lessons that event professionals can learn from one of the most successful and loved events in the world. It’s not just the general running of the event we can learn from, but from the attitude, performance and actions of the athletes too. Below are some handy events tips to take away:

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  • Event Tips From Mad Men


    Event Tips From Mad Men

    Mad Men has inspired all sorts of marketing and advertising businesses, professionals and experts. It’s a visually stunning programme that you just can’t help be mesmerised by, not just because of the story, but also because of the advertising gems and wise wisdom that resonates from the characters and pitches.

    Don Draper’s words tend to stay with you for weeks or months after you watch an episode, and you can’t resist being in awe of the way he approaches business. As well as advertising, content marketing and digital marketing in general, Mad Men offers lessons for those in events. Here’s some insightful events tips you can learn from Mad Men.

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  • Game Of Thrones Characters You Might Find At Events


    Game Of Thrones Characters You Might Find At Events

    Photo Credit - Mike Wrobel

    If you attend events regularly you'll know that you come across a huge range of different characters. However, there are some personality types and characters that tend to pop up at every event, there will always be one of each kind. Part of running events is about learning to cater to all these personality types, and think about how they might influence the success of your event. As an attendee, you have to learn how to interact with different people and challenging personality types.

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  • Exhibition Stands, 1950’s To Today

    1950s stand

    Exhibition stands have come a long way. They started out as fairly mundane, car boot looking trestle tables and have graduated to become eye popping, high tech stands that offer impressive visual and sensual experiences. Over the last half a century, exhibitions stands have evolved to become works of art. Companies have seen the opportunity to take things to the next level and use exhibition stands as a way to showcase forward thinking and innovation.

    You're probably wondering what the vintage stands of the 1950’s looked like compared to today. Well, they looked a bit like shop windows, except there wasn’t really much to see. Here’s a rundown of how exhibitions stands have evolved and changed over time.

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  • 8 Ways to Annoy Exhibition Visitors


    Getting everything right when you’re exhibiting isn’t easy. With so many things to think about, it’s no surprise that people often forget about the important stuff. However, when your turn comes to run an exhibition programme, there are some things you need to avoid at all costs. The general rules include not making people wait around, ensuring they are well fed and watered, and everything runs smoothly. If you think about some of the worst events you have ever been to, some of the following issues were probably their main downfall. Here are eight easily avoidable pitfalls that are certain to annoy your exhibition attendees:

    1. Overselling

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  • Persuasive Language Techniques for Exhibitions


    Last week we helped deliver the Star Wars Celebration down in London. I wasn’t able to attend myself, but I was pretty psyched to see all the cool pictures and tweets pouring in. So, when it came time to sit down and decide what kind of blog post I was going to write this week, I figured Star Wars would be a great place to start. Besides, it’s no secret I’m a huge nerd which meant the opportunity to was too good to miss.

    When I think of Star Wars, I always think about much fun it would be to have Jedi mind tricks up my sleeve to influence those stubborn people I come across. “Oh, you mean you’re giving me this freshly made pizza for free? Well, you’re just too kind…” That kind of thing.

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  • 10 Cool Exhibition Stand Ideas for 2017


    Exhibition stands come in all shapes and sizes. You’ve probably already initiated yourself with a shell scheme stand, or booth, and maybe you’ve delved into the world of space only stand exhibiting. One thing that can be said for both stand types is that the scope for creativity is endless, but it can be too easy to prescribe something quite formulaic. The whole point of exhibiting is to make a splash to break through the marketing clutter, so going for something “normal” can be fatal for your next years’ marketing budget.

    As exhibition trends change and advance, we’re seeing and trying out more and more creative stand ideas. In fact, there are some really cool exhibition stands out there, stands that you’d choose to spend more time at because they offer something refreshing and appealing. We’ve found some of the coolest stands for you to admire below, check them out for some inspiration and ideas.

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  • 7 Tips For Running Summer Events


    Everyone loves a get together in the sun, but when it comes to planning there’s a lot to consider. Sometimes people forget to think carefully about how running an event in the warmer months is different to other seasons.

    It’s obvious that you need to consider the heat (even in Britain), but there’s more to consider beyond providing shelter from the sun or checking your venue has air-con. Here are some super handy tips to get you started…

    Consider your food & drink selection carefully

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  • The 7 Constants of Successful Exhibition Stands

    If you want to be successful at your next exhibition, then you really need to get inside your customer’s minds when they're wandering around an exhibition - "Who has the best freebies?", "Who looks like a business partner and not a cowboy...", "Who do I make time to see?"...

    Even with all these thoughts floating around, there are certain constants that visitors tend to look for in an exhibition stand whether they know what they're looking for or not. With so many other stands to compete with, you need to find ways to catch the attention of your target audience. So, with that in mind, here are my seven basic hooks people look for in an exhibition stand:

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  • How to improve an event experience: The $1billion question

    Events are becoming increasingly intelligent. OK, so that’s no great revelation. We all know that, slowly but surely, technology is permeating events, leading to talk about delegate tracking, iBeacons and so called “smart shows” where visitors receive information while they’re out and about at a show. But, to me at least, it still feels very reactive rather than proactive.

    Let's rewind a tad; if you’re anything like me, iBeacons got lost in the endless stream of tech news and I hadn’t heard about them until a few months ago. They’re pretty nifty pieces of kit; you hide these little, low energy, Bluetooth receivers around a venue and they link up with a visitors Bluetooth enabled device to deliver information – you can have a little read up about them here. But think; could they go a step further? Instead of reacting to where I am, why not predict where I’m going to be?

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  • Event Ready Tech You Didn’t Think You Could Use In 2016

    Technology is a crucial part of exhibitions and events these days. It not only helps run events, but technology can also be used to take your visitor experience to the next level. We’ve searched far and wide and found some staggeringly cool technology you might not have thought you could use in 2016...

    Smart mirrors

    Who knew that in 2016 we would have smart mirrors?

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